Sisters Do Nobody!

And it’s the rainstone remix version, too.

The jackin’ doesn’t stop with the Tell Me outfits! Oh no! It seems as though these girls were also given the rainstone remix chairs as hand-me-downs as well. They didn’t bother changing the back from the Wonder Girls signature WG to Sisters or anything. They’re even singing in Korean, unless they’re lipsynching. Geez, JYP, at this rate, why did you even bother giving them a different name if you’re selling them out to be a Chinese Wonder Girls cover group?

However, there is still some more hope for these girls. With much love to Nustshellgirl for the tip off, here are some more videos of the girls for you to see. And fortunately, they are not mere Wonder Girls‘ song and dance covers. They dance to a variety of other songs. They even have 3 of the 5 girls singing a ballad for you. Oh, and for the boys, it seems like these girls can get away with being just a little bit sexier and showing some more skin.

Sisters perform Park Ji Yoon‘s Adult Ceremony.

Sisters perform JYP‘s Honey.

As you can see, there’s more to these girls than being just another Wonder Girls wannabe group. They do have some great moves and great voices. It’s time to showcase that, Mr. Park. Even though I was never one to listen to Cpop, if these girls keep up this kind of show, I just might be tuning in.

Video credits to me and breezy.


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