Wonder Girls Have Sisters?

It may seem that way, actually. As many of us might not actually know, JYP Entertainment does happen to have branch in China. And it just so happened that 2AM is in China right now. So what’s the big deal with China? This might ring a bell. Yes, I am implying that the Chinese version of the Wonder Girls has finally been unveiled under JYPE China. When they said Wonder Girls 2.0, the weren’t kidding. Just take a look at these girls!

cr. Hong + Breezy for the pics and information

Yes, those are Tell Me outfits they are sporting. And no, they don’t go by “Wonder Girls 2.0” or “Wonder Girls China.” They go by Sisters. Yes, that’s right. Not SISTA like what 2NE1 would have been named because JYP China just ain’t fly like that. Still wondering about these girls? Check this video out around 38:00 into it. They do not perform Tell Me, but they do perform JYP‘s Honey.

As you can see, the girls are carbon copies of the Wonder Girls. Heck, they even have one member that’s from America, too! That’s right, she’s the one named Sarah at the end of those pics up there. I’m still giggly-ed up from seeing those Tell Me outfits with the boot-upgrades. That pretty much took the cake for me. While the dancing didn’t impress me much, I was shocked with the singing. I’m not saying that it was amazing or anything. Far from eye-popping. I was setting my standards fairly low and well, I was proven wrong. They’re not bad in the vocalist department, if they weren’t lipsynching. Hopefully they won’t just do Chinese covers of the Wonder Girls songs or maintain this Wonder Girls wannabe image. I’d like to see these girls develop into something more and show us what they’re capable of as entertainers.

Curious about the girls? I don’t know much about ’em, but I know that 2 of the girls have been long time trainees stationed in JYP China. Here are some pics of 2 of the girls back in their trainee days.

I wish I could read Chinese so I could match faces and names for ya. But for now, you’ll just have to settle for this. With the Wonder Girls already making impressions here in America, gearing up for their debut, and the 2PM boys topping the musical charts back home in Korea, all that’s left for JYP is China and Japan. Heck, why not just world domination? Can these girls do wonders for the JYP family empire? Can China expect another hit from JYP with these girls? Or will they just fade away like all the other 2.0’s out there?


7 responses to “Wonder Girls Have Sisters?

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  2. No way they are making a copy of the Wonder Girls. It just seems too much. I hope they don’t do all of the Wonder Girls’ Songs.

    As a fun of the Wonder Girls I like the orignals better. But who knows.

    I’ve watched the videos and their singing isn’t that bad but I just don’t like the fact that it is a copy of the Wonder Girls.

    I don’t know if the Wonder Girls would make a big hit in China if they go because they have already got a copy of them over there!

  3. I just checked the vid of them…Heck, they’re GOOD, as in >>>>>WG type of good. They can actually all sing lol. The english part where they sing “nobody, nobody but YOU” doesn’t soung like “chjuuu” the way the WG sing it.

  4. Wow.. I don’t know what to say to this.
    I’m sure they’ll make it in China, but as far as International goes, I think the Wonder Girls will be the head of that department as far as the two groups go.

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