They’re On Fire, Baby

Leave it to YG Entertainment and the girls of 2NE1 to drop it like its hot and get me blogging here again! Last night the girls made their debut performance on Inki last night and I gotta say, it was pretty effin’ good for a bunch of rookies. Check it:

cr. SmoothyEco
The intro portion was pretty badass, though someone’s gotta tell Minzi to cut the “I’m too fly for you” act. Dara’s part was pretty much interesting, likewise with CL’s, but I personally found it hilarious that YG let Bom just dance “sexilly” (I guess xD) with some scarf to make up for the fact that she can’t dance as well as the other girls. I mean, they let Minzy dance first, setting the bar pretty high for the rest of ’em.

As for the actual performance, they did pretty well. Nothing about it was particularly mind boggling. The vocals were mediocre at best, but the dancing was very polished. What I cared about was their stage presence. Compared to their sunbaes, Big Bang, I thought 2NE1 was too busy trying to keep up the image (or trying not to eff up their first performance ever) rather than having fun. Let loose a bit…well, nevermind. They are still new, after all. There’s plenty of time for these girls to be showing off what they’re really made of if the rest of Korea agrees with me about them. 2009 seems to be setting itself up as another battle of the girl groups, but I don’t think these ladies have anything to worry about. For once, I think YG scored BIG TIME.

2 responses to “They’re On Fire, Baby

  1. AS with you, i really liked their debut. their nervousness was evident and there were some flaws. but overall I was impressed with these rookies. I love the swagger and that they have personality. Not that the other girl groups dont I just like these girls alot.

  2. Maggie, I like your blog! It’s very cool. I will come on here often. haha. This is Katie @ spec by the way! So yeah, I’m liking your blog!

    Talk to you later!

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