4th Eat You Up MV Released

cr. Wondersmurf

Was this really necessary?

Her dancing is still pretty smooth and sharp, but that doesn’t take away from the fact that her voice still sucks in this song and she looks like a cheap Asian hooker. Once again, SME does a good job of promoting BoA as a very horny lady. Just look at her practically ripping that man’s shirt off.

That blonde hair and the leather outfit…there are no words to describe how atrocious they are.  My single request? Send that guy over my way, please =D


4 responses to “4th Eat You Up MV Released

  1. um. the original? mv was better.
    i didn’t even finish watching this one.
    i stopped somewhere around… the blonde wig.

    haha, i kind of liked the dance scenes, but really.. the original was better. and it would probably do well w/ bboys/girls/hiphopkids.


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