Ok guys, I’ma do something different for once. For now, since I’m busy again X___X, I’ll be directing you to THE go-to site for kpop news!

Check. This. Shit. Out.

Babelpop is a site that collects news and commentaries from several kpop news sites and blogs, such as my own. Rather than having to go to all these different sites via google, just check out this site for the latest headlines and you’ll zap you’re way there in a blink of an eye. I may be a small blog, but the owner of the site liked my stuff =D This is the least I can do to help a friend out. GO GO GO!!!


3 responses to “Babelpop!

    • Oh apparently you need an RSS feed or something like that?
      I honestly have no idea xD but thanks for your support!

  1. If you have a wordpress blog, log in and on the top of the page you’ll see a “*Like”. and under blog info right next to that, you can add me to your blog roll.

    I don’t know about the whole subscription thing xD Sorry ><

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