Identity Crisis

Kpop’s suffering from a major disease. The “K” from Kpop will be no more at the rate it’s going. *gasp*

You’re probably thinking, “Well, if Kpop loses the ‘K’, it isn’t Kpop anymore, is it?” Wow, what a great observation! But really, have you heard Kpop recently? I can actually understand tidbits in the songs now! No, not the Korean words. I’m too dumb for that stuff. I’m talking about all the English I’m hearing! Seriously, the hills are alive with the sound of Engrish.

Aside from the whole repetition trend that’s caught Korea by storm, the English wave has already established itself. You can’t be cool unless you have English words in your repertoire. It’s like the unwritten law of 21st century Kpop.  It’s in BALLADS, too!  I don’t need to direct you to any recent videos to show you that. The relationship between Kpop and English started off like many relationships: slow and rocky. First it was just words, then phrases, then sentences, then entire verses! But what’s the big deal? Why must English be incorporated into every single song I hear?

America’s music industry is the biggest globally. America in general is just larger than life. Everyone else in the industry is trying to get to where America’s at right now. So is the incorporation of English lyrics into Korean songs a way for the Kpop music industry to reach out to Korean Americans? Once it gets exposed, it will develop a following and prepare America for Korean artists’ expansion. Is that what Kpop companies strive and hope for? Guess so. We’ve already got Se7en, BoA, and the Wonder Girls diving headfirst into the graveyards industry.

It’s not just the songs that are getting Americanized with their English, but the groups themselves! Many group members of several idol groups these days are pimping out their English members, having them speak/sing/rap English verses in their songs. Some I.E.’s would be Wonder Girls rapper Yoobin, 2PM members Jae Park, TaecYeon, and Khun, Kara cutie pie Nicole, Fany fany fo fany Tiffany and Jessica of SNSD, and my brain is having a major fart right now, but basically there are a lot more. So we got the natives speaking the English (most times) and bringin’ a lil something somethin’ to the Kpop scene with their fresh and cool American image! Besides, it’s just a lot more pleasing to my ears when I hear English-speaking people speak English rather than Engrish. Ya feel me?

But really, do you believe that all this English is necessary? I feel like it’s making Kpop less like Kpop and more into some hybrid of sorts. I can’t even explain it. I find it unnecessary, but I’ll be hypocritical and say I like it despite the fact. It is a handy way of having international fans embrace Kpop. Sure, the lyrics don’t always make sense sometimes, but hey, you still understand it. That’s the beauty of it.


One response to “Identity Crisis

  1. “Seriously, the hills are alive with the sound of Engrish.”

    LOOOOOOOOOOOL so true, so true…..

    this kind of reminds me of BB trying to debut in Japan with English songs O___o ok make it any less obvious that youre not really trying to go for Japan but trying to get attn from the US, and yeaaahp its not gonna work……… the US music industry hardly looks at anyone outside of the US, unless they come to the US themselves LOL

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