I’m Disappointed, Again and Again *Updated with MV Commentary*

After all that hype behind 2PM’s comeback, I can’t say I’m pleased. I’m everything but. Perhaps I’m just setting my standards too high?

So “Again and Again” was released today and unlike every other fangirl, I’m not very happy with it. It not only follows the whole “repitition” trend, but the vocals and back beats are very forgettable. What I liked about “10 Out of 10” was it’s distinct guitar riff and rap combination. It was definitely a single that set itself apart from all the rest. And while I live for 2PM’s live performances, their debut single could stand by itself and I’d still enjoy myself tremendously. “Again and Again” will take some getting used to, but it’s just not as fun to listen to. However, hope is not completely lost. I actually like a lot of the tracks on their new mini album! It’s a lot more R&B and that’s the way to roll, man.

Expect this post to be edited once I see the MV. Although the song disappoints me, hopefully the choreography and performances will not.

So the MV was released like a few minutes ago. Check it out:

Rather than rocking the red, the boys rock the purple instead. Nevermind, scratch that, they wear the red, too. Also yellow. Heck, why not green or blue? Orange? Let’s try PUCE. We finally understand why the boys are grabbin’ their heads in pain, too. Seems like the boys’ love interest is caught red handed straight up cheating on ’em. You’d have a headache too. I love the simplistic choreography, up till the chorus anyway. Still challenging, yet they make it look so simple. No back flips or anything, but still eye popping and attention grabbing.

At the very end, the boys perform a dance in case you couldn’t get enough. It’s basically the 1st teaser.

3 responses to “I’m Disappointed, Again and Again *Updated with MV Commentary*

  1. I actually liked the song a different concept from 10 out of 10. I like the video more though, the choreography was smooth.
    And Jae Abs can’t nitpick on that either

  2. i liked all of the trax @_________@ Track #3 & #4 FTW! i was really hoping they wouldnt go for the digitizing @___@ but they did, and they did a substantial amount of it, on one of the trax >__< i gotta say that i wasnt really hyped for this and i wasnt really impressed either, but hey the boys looks smex, well at least some of them ;D poor Taek, he didnt really stand out, i have to say that alot of the boys didnt really stand out for me, all of them kind of faded O_______o

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