Younha’s 1,2,3 MV Is Out!

cr 2ubD

As if the bright colors and cutesy side of the Oricon Comet weren’t enough, she’s got clones and a band backing her up. Those cl0nes kind of made my day. It could be because I’m suffering from withdrawal, but they’re totally copying some bits from the Wonder Girls’ and their “Nobody” moves. Another comment I’d like to make is, you did not need musical “talent” from Sweden and Japan and wherever else you got people to re-produce the Jackson 5’s old school hits and replace the lyrics to be Korean. No. Just no. The animated bits you got throughout the MV did compliment the video, but blah. I felt like I was experiencing a really bad acid trip with the Jackson 5 in Korea. Oh, Younha…


One response to “Younha’s 1,2,3 MV Is Out!

  1. It WAS cute though d:

    1 2 3~ Easy as ABC~

    Mannnn, Younha has some killer teeth. What I’d give for a set like that.

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