2PM Keeps Comin’ Back Again and Again

After waiting for God only knows how long, 2PM’s loyal fangirls have finally unconvered JYP’s teaser for the boys comeback. It’s called “Again and Again.”

The gymnastic back flips and whatnot can only entertain me for so long. The whole “Korea’s Best Dance Crew” feel I get from them is the only thing that sets them apart from the shitty dance moves I see elsewhere when it comes to boy groups, so I guess I’ll just have to deal. And by the looks of things, “Again and Again” will have a more serious feel compared to their full-of-horny-innuendos hit “10 Points Out of 10.” From the teaser, the boys do look pretty badass. Just take away the glitter chillin on the side of Jae and Chansung’s heads.

The only complaint I have with the teaser is I couldn’t hear the song as properly as I wanted to. That’s what I’m looking forward to, damnit! Give me what I want! Just kidding. These boys are releasing their full MV of “Again and Again” and their mini album digitally on the 16th, so look out for that and support! They’re relying on the hottest to shower them with some love during their comeback on the 23rd. I’m getting ready to be amazed.

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