Nicole and Kang Kyun Sung Are Happy

And so am I!

Kara’s resident cutie pie, Nicole, is featured in Kang Kyun Sung’s latest song “Happy…And” and I gotta say, I LOVE IT! Yes, I’m such a Kara fangirl, but it’s ok. I was getting tired of “Honey” on repeat, so it’s nice hearing something new. The song is pretty mellow, but the harmony of vocals between the two is spectacular. Very easy listening. The MV is nothing special, but you get to see Nicole doing what she does best: acting adorably cute! Oh, and Kang Kyun Sung is shown recording along with Nicole, driving, and chillin’.

The rest of Kara will begin taking a break on April 12, but they’re currently busy with several new shows with which they are hosting. Most recently, they have been taking on the MC positions for Every1 Idol. So, really, not much of a break for the girls, but that leaves the rest of us very happy ^__^

What do ya’ll think about Nicole’s latest solo endeavor?

All I can say is, thank God there’s none of that techno voice shit that’s happening anywhere in the song. Pure vocals, baby. That’s the way to go.


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