1…2…3! Younha’s Back!

And oh dear god.

Our dear Oricon Comet has transformed into yet another cutesy kpopper. Whoop-di-do. She’s got a new album comin’ out and I expect nothing less from Younha! She’s a bangin’ artist, but she’s got some international help on her comeback single “123”! Catch her comeback on the 16th!

But OMG. We’ve got a new, more feminine Younha on our hands! And poppy. Oh dear Lord. I had more hopes for Younha but I guess no one in Kpop can escape that dreaded cute image. Look at all those colors X___X Did the MV director take a tip from Big Bang and 2NE1 with their Lollipop video? They apparently called up GD’s hairstylist as well. As for the song…*no comment* I just kept thinkin’ Jackson 5. “A-B-C! It’s easy as 1-2-3!” Gee, funny how the melody is very similar =P.

Younha, dear, please stop lying to yourself.


5 responses to “1…2…3! Younha’s Back!

  1. LOL It reminded me a LOT of the Jackson 5 song, for sure. I am really disappointed in her though: I thought she usually wrote her own music? I guess she is trying to become more popular? Because this isn’t working for her, like it doesn’t really work for anyone else either.

    The cute is SO over. AGHHHH….

  2. Eh…

    Did anyone notice that Gossip Boy also sounded strangely like one of Hannah Montana’s songs? I can’t think of which one it is, but it bothered the hell outta me. Had to remove it from my iTunes, stat.

    Younha’s good. Let’s hope the manufactured kpop masses haven’t devoured her yet.

  3. I didn’t give Gossip Boy the light of day, fizzle. But thanks for that Hannah Montana heads up =D And unfortunately, by the looks of things, her company seems to have lead Younha into a total 180 X___X

    @ momomegane – ya know, I don’t think asians will ever get over the cute thing. We have a freak obsession with it >__<

  4. @ kjpop – I feel like Asians will never get over it, though I wish they would. Though I am guilty of it sometimes too. I think it is just because we are petite compared to others…. I guess. But still >.< it doesn’t work for some Asians LOL.

    Gossip Boy/that album I am not very fond of. I liked her old stuff a lot more. I don’t even remember what the name of the album was… “Telepathy” was it???

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