Sexy Can I?

Yes, I actually used that song for my title. Why? Because I’m hyperventilating after an overdose of hotness. A while ago (because you know, I have to stick to what I do best: procrastinate), the Wonder Girls released their CF/MV for EVER! Korean Wonderfuls are probably relishing this because for the next three months, things are going to be pretty slow for them. Anywho, as many of us have deduced, the girls remade Fin.K.L‘s “Now” MV and made it their own…sorta. Check it out (cr. jaeuraznMV)

Pardon my language, but HOT DAMN! You know you liked it. As desperate as I have been, anxiously waiting on the girls to release something, ANYTHING, this is a real treat. “Now” was one of the few Fin.K.L songs that I actually liked back in the day so I was squealing like a little fangirl and staring like a pervy fanboy. It was fun seeing Korea’s version of a good ol’ American hit. What am I talking about, you ask? JYP’s Angels, bitch. They’re hot, they dance and sing, break into houses, dodge lasers, and advertise phones. What more could you want?

But as soon as I got over myself, I came to a conclusion: I liked the old version of the MV much better. Too lazy to look up the original? Man, you better love me sometimes.

(cr. INMAR2R)

What Fin.K.L had that Wonder Girls lacked is having the opportunity to take advantage of sex appeal because all the members were legal. I don’t know about ya’ll, but when I see under aged kids rocking a risque getup and dancing hotter than I’m comfortable seeing, I’d feel like maddd pedo. With Fin.K.L, those ladies no doubt had that sex appeal rocking from all directions. But don’t get me wrong, the wonder maknaes were looking pretty good and it’s not like they’re 13.

Another thing I found was that the song itself when the Wonder Girls sang it seemed pretty bland? For me, the pinnacle was Yoobin’s rap. Not hating on the girls’ voices at all, but Fin.K.L’s voices seemed a lot more BAM! Basically, they fit the mood better (in my opinion).

Now onto the actual MV! When I saw Fin.K.L’s version back in 2000, I found it ludicrous. Now I see the Wonder Girls’ version and it’s twice as ludicrous. I had to constantly remind myself that the girls’ were selling a product, rather than filming a simple MV to promote a single. Anywho, I’m sure all of you smarties out there figured out which girl was acting out the original Fin.K.L members, correct? No? Man, go study your kpop history, foo!

SunMi = Lee Jin

YeEun = Ock Ju Yeon

SoHee = Sung Yuri

SunYe = Hyori

And Yoobin was too awesome to portray anyone, so she made her own. Everyone’s entitled to their own opinions, but I’ll give you my personal rundown of how I felt the Wonder Girls did compared to the original. SunMi did a pretty good job with her part! Original or modern, that playstation scene is still the most ludicrous of them all! No one gets that into a video game unless you’re 40 and you still live with your mom. Lee Jin only had the upper hand in the curves department.

Ock Ju Yeon: Miss Powerhouse vocals for Fin.K.L! Oh and what do ya know? Park YeEun: Miss Powerhouse for the Wonder Girls. Surprise surprise. I thought their parts were the most hilarious parts to watch. Their roles? Softcore porn Camera girls. Their points of concentration? Other girls for Ju Yeon and a crystal ball and SunMi for YeEun. I found the teaser pictures for the Wonder Girls to be more exciting for this particular scene, to be honest. They toned down the sexy for this part, too. Rather than having YeEun straddling SunMi and recording her looking all hot and bothered, she recorded the ball in a less provocative position xD Gotta love this stuff!

Then we got the cutie pies of each groups: SoHee and Sung Yuri. I’ll be forward. I’ve always loved Sung Yuri! She was the cutest of the cute back in the 90s and yeah. LOL my fangirlisms are reviving themselves. I believe this part of the MV was the most consistent in both versions. Props props! SoHee did a good job being her cute self, but I feel she acted a lot sexier when she had her solo singing parts than the innocent Sung Yuri.

Now for the leaders of both groups. This time, my vote goes to the Wonder Girls! SunYe did a great job of looking playfully sexy with a hint of cute (a lollipop does wonders) and her part was a lot more entertaining than looking at Hyori’s body. I guess for guys it will be a different story.

Like I said before, Yoobin’s rap was probably the best part. Having SunYe dancing behind her was pretty hot, too. And you wanna know what else was hot? Here’s another situation where the Wonder Girls trumped old school: the outfits! Much cuter! I totally loved their white outfits, though! Secshii!

I found the acting in the newer version to be quite cheesy and forced. But, Fin.K.L didn’t do any better. If anything, they once again took advantage of their sex appeal to draw away from the equally forced, lame acting. At least with the guys’ parts, Jo In Sung did a better job of looking all WTF. He just cleans up nicer ❤ Oh and the “we be ridin'” scene with the Wonder Girls was nice. Funny how the only girl with a license in the group is the driver.

I know it’s hard to look back and forth between videos, so let me help you out. Check this video by BrightenSunYe.

So that was my whole schpeel about the MV. A penny for your thoughts?

4 responses to “Sexy Can I?

  1. I personally thought the Fin.K.L. version better. I am not a fan of the song, but it was better performed by them than the Wonder Girls. Of course, they were the original performers so it doesn’t say much.

    And the sexiness thing is a little creepy: it looks overdone on the Wonder Girls and normal on the Fin.K.L. girls. Weird contrast. Quite weird.

  2. I think if we give WG more years than they can do the song justice, their young they haven’t grown into being woman yet that’s why I don’t view at as awesome. But the girls do look hot.

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