Officially Introduced As…

2NE1! Cuz “21” was already taken by some washed up fellow in the Kpop realm.

And as always, always a week day late, I’m here to provide you with the words everyone else is too afraid or just lazy to say.

I look at that poster and think, “Damn, my reaction is probably just as bad as when I saw Tell me.” And I’m willing to bet it was a little worse. These girls aren’t the prettiest to begin with and putting them into those kinds of get-ups is just screaming for…criticism *DUN DUN DUN* I need to stop being so shallow.

I personally LOVE how the song starts off with one of the ladies singing in this obnoxiously mocking cutesy tone and GDragon saying that’s not how they do. It’s like sticking that middle finger up SM’s ass. Power to the Kwon leader!! But aside from that, the song is really annoying and *surprise surprise* follows the same exact trend that all Kpop songs these days follow: repititous chorus. Gag me. I expected better, but then I realized this is just a CF.Also, I never thought I’d live to see the day that lollipops would get even more annoying since “Kissing You.”

May is the time these girls plan on debuting (but with how Se7en was treated with YG, who really knows?) and with their extensive training, they won’t depress me hopefully. It would be a terrible shame to see all this talent go to waste.


4 responses to “Officially Introduced As…

  1. 2NE1. twoneone. i hope there are people who like the name, because I don’t get it.

    and i’m still confused why there’s a full mp3 of a song… for a commercial. Is it normal for korean bands to kind of debut into the entertainment industry via a CF?
    …interesting stuff, yo.

  2. Big Bang also released an MP3 song for their STYLISH campaign a while back. I forgot which clothing brand though xD

  3. Strangely, I am anticipating their debut. I hope they don’t disappoint me. I like the girls voice though.

    I hate that the song is already stuck in my head.

  4. I think they are unqiue looking, their talent is great though this I know for sure. At least they don’t have the same qualities and are typical like another group although I don’t dislike them as much as before I think I’ve reached neutral. i don’t get the name either I thought it would be cooler, why the need for an acronym. It remind of 2D1N hehe

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