Great Expectations

I’m getting really bored with Kpop as a whole right now.

But then again, I’ve said this before and yet here I still am.  But in all honesty, nothing is grasping my attention and no amount of ritalin can help me. And can you blame me? Look what’s out there right now.

The closest thing to “interesting” in Kpop right now is Epik High’s newest album. I would have said Super Junior’s “Sorry Sorry” promotions, but that got really old, really quickly. The BoA hype died down for me. I was never even interested in “Gee.” My GOD! What’s left for me?

After the explosive “Crazy” single of 2008, Son Dambi is back and has officially bored-ed me out with “On A Saturday Night.” Seriously, PLEASE, someone save Kpop from this annoying retro phase. It’s old. But Dambi is still one hot mama!

Let’s see, who else? Oh yeah, GD’s supposed to come solo this month. That oughtta be good, but there’s no news about that yet. 2NE1, the latest thing to come out of YG, is debuting around May and my expectations are high.

I heard Kara is supposed to come out with a new album later in the year, too! I’m pretty excited for that, but it seems like such a long time from now. *yawn* SS501 is planning to move on to the states. Took DSP long enough to join the trend. Can’t wait to see how that works out.

What about my beloved JYPE? Well, after announcing a divorce from his wifey of 16 (?) years, JYP’s still kicking it. It’s obviously not bugging him for the most part, so we shouldn’t care either. 2PM’s got a new album/mini album coming up April-ish towards May, right? I’m never sure with them anymore. 2AM is currently promoting their new song “Confession of a Friend” and they’re getting some high marks for their impressive live performances! Just recently, the One Day crew was seen crashing the Wonder Girls’ concert at their final stop in Seoul.

And speaking of the Wonder Girls, what will their Wonderful fans have to look forward to for the rest of 09? Well, by the looks of things…nothing. US fans can expect an English version of last year’s hit “Nobody” on May 5. While everyone else seems to be excited for this, I for one am not. Really. Nobody is sooooo last year and I want something fresh. That single marked the end of the retro concept for JYP and the girls and I’m getting mad anxious to see how they’ll follow it up.

But we’re going to have to wait to see how the girls will dominate 09. By the looks of things, JYP plans on keeping the girls in the states for quite some time. I’m willing to bet, way past the release of English Nobody. With all these supposed companies reaching out for a piece of the girls, I’m sure JYP would more than gladly take what he can get in the states.  *sigh* What a drag. GO BACK TO KOREA YOU DANG ARTISTS!!!


7 responses to “Great Expectations

  1. no no. wonder girls. stay in LA. visit my school. carry giant signs that say “HEY. WE’RE THE WONDER GIRLS” so I can find you and say hi. 🙂

    …everyone else can stay in Asia though.

    Actually, no. Utada, Big Bang, BoA, and anyone else I kind of like can come & chill in LA, but they need signs, too.

  2. All I can see WG doing in the state is gaining us training hopefully that’s what I’m hoping for let JYP meet some people that can improve the girls more and come up with a different concept and surprise us yeah surprise us because I really need one right now. The only reason I look forward to the nobody english version on itunes is because I wanna know how well they can sing in english.

    2NE1 needs to debut I don’t right now their practically the most searched people in naver and other sites so let us see them already! I’m dieing here I’ve been waiting to freakin long.
    Good thing the lollipop concept is just for the phone or else my hopes would have crashed a little.

    I heard park gae hee from after school is going solo….she’s hot she can dance, and I think she is more talented than lee hyori so is son dambi but they don’t have the longevity like hyori has I honestly don’t see what makes her the most sexiest solo act in korea when there are a lot of solo singers who can sing and dance better, she’s still hot though not hating just wondering.

  3. why are you sending my boos back to korea?!? hhahaha

    though interested in the US nobody thingy, I’m looking forward to their korean comeback more… US promotions are no fun! because we won’t see them at all..kinda like Boa and Se7en, but I don’t give a poop about those two..he he

    Right now the only people rocking my world is 2AM… I’m such in fangirl mode it’s crazy…waiting for Hyuna to comeback and checking out AJ to see how much will I be involved in fangirling..he he…you know me, I’m all about JYPE…the rest can go away~~~ hehe

    I was more into 2NE1 before i saw the look… HAHAHAHAHAH!! wow, never been so shocked and turned off like this…. the whole thing looks like rainbow vomit…sigh…but that freaking song is so aadictiveeeeeee….just shoot me. I hope they can do something better with their actual single, cuz this is just sad…

    long time no see boo ❤

  4. I’ll probably be alone saying this, but BoA’s album kind of sucked LOL So ya know…whatever.

    I have a little more hope for Se7en, but wgs ftw ❤

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