They’re Here

And here we thought they’d never come…

Took them long enough. And after catching a glimpse of this neon spewed nonsense, I’m starting to doubt the hype behind the girls. Shame shame shame on me.  I’m not diggin’ their style very much nor do I find the title of their digital single at all appealing. The whole SNSD “Kissing You” lollipop thing just left a permanent aftertaste that spoiled all sorts of sweets attached to sticks of any sort. Sorry. How shallow is it that I base my opinions on image alone? Ugh, I’m disgusted with myself. It’s the beats and the talent that matter. Sometimes, I lose track of where my morals run off to.

But whatever. I said the same thing about the Wonder Girls when they came out with “Tell Me” and yet look at me now. Hopefully they’ll deliver when they officially debut around May. But for now, we can sit back in our seats and expect some good shit from a flying solo GDragon (ever the attention whore in this particular poster) next month.


8 responses to “They’re Here

  1. You can barely see Minji behind GD and his latest hair disaster, not to mention that hat. -_-

    You know what they all look like? “Fashionable” car mechanics from the 90s. Or something.

    But seriously. I CAN’T WAIT. CL MY LOVERRRRR!

    And most importantly. WHERE’S THAT REVIEW I REQUESTED, JERK?

  2. @ corra – living in a library doing research from like 4PM to 3 AM ain’t making my life any easier XDDD

    Chill out. This weekend. I’ve finally got time on my hands.

  3. @ciaodahling – from left to right the girls are CL, Sandara, Minji, and Park Bom. GD your hogging the spot man!

    @corrakun – hehe mechanics good one I didn’t notice. Their fashion reminds me of the 80’s brat pack only more colorful really colorful. It’s like the stylist mixed up all these obnoxious colors and though it would work and for some reason I like it.

    @kjpop – Go rest to much research can make you suffer a brain fart :P. I hope their concept is not cute but hey this is YG not the land of lollipops and gee.

    This weekend their coming out guys I hope I’m not disappointed.

  4. an asian willy wonka on acid. I hate top’s hair what’s with the slick back greasy looking style. His face is umm unique don’t make him look like an alien with a hair style that’s not helping him at all

  5. HAHAHAHA… I kind of lost interest really quickly in this group. I listened to their debut song “Lollipop” and couldn’t sit through 30 seconds of it. I feel horrible for saying it, but I am not exactly impressed by their voices.

    Honest to goodness, I forgot such a group was debuting in the first place. Whoops.

    And at kjpop, I know what you mean. No worries :D.

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