They’ve Got One Word For You…

You’re probably wondering who right about now, right? I’m talking about your favorite Kpop artists, that’s who! Sensitive fangirls and fanboys, go running back to mommy if you can’t handle the pressure because what you’re about to read might indeed make you cry. Go ahead. I gave you a fair warning.

When I listen to a song, the first thing that usually gets stuck in my head is the chorus. Right? Right?!?! Of course I’m right. It’s the single part of the song that has the most airplay. The more you’re exposed to it, the more you’re likely to sing along. I mean, if you don’t remember anything else about the song, the least you can do is remember the chorus. That’s what it’s there for.

But what happens when the chorus is no longer a series of words that blend together to make its own unique mark in a song? I’ll show you what happens:

Credits to all the respective uploaders.

You get musical atrocities such as the above. Every music appreciator’s worst nightmare. Yet, surprisingly enough, those songs have topped countless charts and have been covered by an array of fangirls and boys around the world (with the exception of the last two, as of now). Did you happen to catch the common factor? If you didn’t, you’re damn stupid it was the single phrase or word that was being repeated in the already repetitious chorus. And didn’t you find yourself singing along by the 3rd time you heard the chorus? At least the one word that you heard, anyway.

What the hell has Kpop been reduced to? It’s been reduced to one word.  At first, with the spread of the Wonder Girls’ “Tell Me” virus,  I was totally convinced that that single song would pave the way for the new trend in Kpop.  That song had the perfect ingredients for the perfect hit (whether you liked it or not). It had pretty faces, a catchy and repetitive chorus, and an easy to learn dance. Ever since, I’m finding more and more Kpop artists following that trend. I mean seriously, if you have to, look at those videos again.

For the love of GOD, what the hell, man? Back in the day, the chorus used to have SENTENCES to sing along to! Not just one friggin word. Yeah, it’s catchy and fun during the first few hours of constant playback, but I’m willing to bet you that by the 4th day of constant playback (heck, even earlier for some people), you’re going crazy trying to get rid of that song playing in your head. By the end of the day, it’s the only thing you’ve got up there.

However, there are some popular artists that fight the power and makes hits of their own without succumbing to that easy way into the charts. Mad props to Big Bang and DBSK for keeping it real. With hits like “Sunset Glow” and “Mirotic” and all their other past chart toppers, these boys have proved that you can be number 1 without all that cheap baggage to drag along with you. Yes, the boys have had their fair share of repetition (I.E. Big Bang’s “Last Farewell” and DBSK’s “Wrong Number”), but not to the point where it’s the sole thing they rely on to reach the top. I know what you’re thinking. OH NO SHE DIDN’T!!!! Did I just imply that Kpop stars are relying on the cheap recipe for success to be on top? Actually, yes. That’s exactly what I’m trying to insinuate. Do you think I care if you bash me about that? Of course not.

You can tell me every excuse in the book and I guarantee I have an answer for you. Bite. Me.  The only reason why I’m being so “mean” about this whole “one word” deal is because producers/song writers and the artists can do SO MUCH MORE! By making these sad excuses of songs, you not only irritate me hold back the potential of your artist(s). Comments such as “It’s not [insert Kpop artist here] fault! The song doesn’t display their vocals well! THEY CAN SING!” are so abundant nowadays. Why? The answer is in the videos I posted up there. The artist no longer sets the tone of the song. The song sets the tone for the artist. Like, did that make any sense? What I’m trying to say is, the reason why comments such as the aforementioned are so plentiful nowadays is because the songs are no longer being made to adapt to the singers vocal range and capabilities. Let’s take two of the biggest girl groups of today: Wonder Girls and SNSD.

Wonder Girls’ hits such as “Tell Me” and “So Hot” were such bad songs to perform live. It obviously didn’t fit their vocal range. Also, with SunYe and YeEun, their voices aren’t the type to be restricted by catchy poppy tunes. Their voices are meant to blow your mind away. SoHee and SunMi are very low tenor/alto voices, yet you hear them singing fairly high pitched with those said tracks.  Their talents are being restricted by the tone of the song. JYP did something right when he created “Irony” and “Nobody”. Those tracks did a better job with vocal range, but were just as bad with the whole “repetition” thing.

SNSD’s “Gee” just sounds like hyperactive chipmunk shit. Last I checked, these girls were 18+ and not replacing Alvin and his crew of chipmunks. The pitch is just too high and the song is just very bland if you get down to the nitty gritty of it all. I mean the high vocal point of the track is “NO NO NO NO NO!” and “OH OH OH OH OH!” That’s pretty pathetic. Yet, again, is it not one of the more infectious tunes? God, I love making a point ❤

So here’s what I’m trying to get you to see so far. Catchy songs = hits (some more so than others, of course). Catchy songs = crap vocals. Good singers + crap vocals = Catchy songs = chart topping hits! If you didn’t get that, go back to elementary school, you idiot. Yes, I realized that’s not always the case. I find it really funny that producers and managers are willing to sacrifice the vocal ability of their artists just to get a Top 3 hit with the songs they’re spewing out nowadays. What the eff has this world come to?

However, I do hold some hope for the future of Kpop. I believe that they can all be successful with songs that don’t rely on that “recipe for success.” MAKE A NEW FRIGGIN RECIPE FOR SUCCESS! It’s not always cool to follow the trend. Be cool and make your own.

7 responses to “They’ve Got One Word For You…

  1. could you at least hate on the engrish for a bit?

    sure, producers found their little layout for what they need to produce a hit.
    but despite that, they still include the engrish.

  2. I’m a silent lurker.
    anyway, i totally agree with what you said.
    the trend seems to be in abundance nowadays. Makes you wonder what happened to all the actual talents in those groups.
    The ACTUAL singers with real talents are reduced to stupid,annoying songs with repetitive melodies and lyrics.

    Anyways, kudos to you for speaking the truth (:

  3. Just a thought. I think part of the reason for the one word is to make the song more accessible to the every growing non-korean consumers of k-pop. Most of these songs are topping the charts in other asian countries as well I think of the reasons that is the case is because the chorus are realtively easy. Is this good for k-pop in the long term…probably not. However, in the short term it means more and more fans can “sing-a-long.”

    I actually hate it. Once of the reasons I was drawn to kpop was that it was similar to american pop but seemed more substantive and compelling. Yes its manufactured pop but it was well produced and had decent lyrics. Now its getting less and less and less substantive. I don’t like this new trend.

  4. @ ey – THANK YOU ❤

    @ neutralfan – It’s really sad that people with talent are degrading themselves just to have a hit. I can’t take kpop seriously when they do that to people. It’s just fucked up.

    @Lisa – I never thought of it that way. Interesting point. I mean, hell LOL I’m not Korean. I don’t know ANY korean. The English bits are my salvation in the songs XD But like, when EVERYONE starts incorporating english bits into their chorus, that’s where I draw the line.

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