The SM Effect

It’s a brand spankin’ new year and by the looks of things, SM Entertainment has a helluva lot to brag about. While there are still many things about SM that I just can’t stand, I will admit that SM has been impressing me A LOT this year. I never thought I’d live to admit such a thing. Lord, help me.

Earlier this year, SM Entertainment had finally come around with returning his favorite set of girls, SNSD, to the Kpop scene. After such a long hiatus, SNSD was ready to impress the Kpop world with their chart topping chipmunk shit “Gee.” And impress they did. In fact, just recently these girls celebrated their 9 for 9 on Music Bank. Breaking records and breaking idiotic fanboy hearts. This is obviously only the beginning for the power of 9. *snort* Pssh.

The only way SM could be satisfied with himself and his croonies in the Kpop army is if he could trump his own artists with…well, his own artists! Enter SUPER JUNIOR! After having his golden cows, DBSK, face some tough competition last year against the likes of Big Bang and Wonder Girls, I think SM got a major blow to the balls. And he obviously did not like it very much. So hit after another, SM plans to take over Kpop 2009, yet again, with Super Junior’s “Sorry Sorry.” It’s ok if  SNSD lost to someone, as long as that someone is Super Junior, because God forbid it was some unknown artist. And with how much hype those SuJu boys are getting for their comeback track, I have a feeling that SuJu will be topping the charts soon enough. That’s saying something, readers. I mean for crying out l0ud, I can’t stand Super Junior and yet, here I am rooting for them. Wow, whatever I’m smoking nowadays must be some good shit.

And it just doesn’t end there. I mean, this is SM we’re talking about. It’s world domination he’s after. He dropped off DBSK and The Grace over in Japan for the time being. DBSK is releasing their 4th album and they’re doing…not too shabby at all. I mean, against the likes of KAT TUN and Arashi, these boys placed 3rd overall on the Oricon. If you’re not familiar with Jpop, basically all you need to know is, DBSK is doing well. They even supported their fellow ladies of The Grace with their first concert.

To finish loading up the bases for SM’s world domination is the very Best of Asia, our dear BoA in America. Just recently, BoA’s being pimped out on Forever 21 as their “Hot New Artist.” And if that’s not enough, for all you BoA enthusiasts out there, I’m sure you’ve already started the countdown to her self-titled album release on March 17, 2009 down to the very milliseconds. Yessir, that’s next week.  BoA hasn’t quite finished her MV for her debut single “I Did It for Love” but I’ve already heard the song (I’m sure I’m not the only one) and I can tell ya, it’s stuck in my head with no intention of leaving any time soon. Damn.

So does SM have 2009 in the bag? For the time being, I believe he does. He’s raking in the dough with his mass produced Kpop slaves. I mean, “Gee”, “Sorry Sorry”, and “I Did It for Love” have one thing in common: Repetitious crap. I’ve already touched base on that topic before. Yes, I find it incredibly annoying how he takes a trend and beats it to a pulp. While these songs are obnoxiously catchy, they get old VERY quickly to those that are not fans of the artists. You guessed it, I’m nowhere near a fan of any of those SM artists, but their songs manage to get stuck in my head and I’m forced to deal with it until something better comes along.

Also, another thing I’m finding to be a common factor in all these artists songs (well, with the exception of the two SM groups in Japan right now) is the fact that the use of techno voiced whatevers are rather prominent in the track. What ever happened to just plain old singing, man? You hired some of these people for a reason, and that’s because of their voices. While SNSD and Super Junior have the whole number factor covered, I guess I see why those tech-ed out voices come in handy. Some members can’t sing I suppose? How am I supposed to know, I don’t follow them. As for BoA, I never liked her voice to begin with. The tech addition does jack for me. But whatever bashing I may provide doesn’t change the fact that their songs plague my mind. Obviously, it’s not just me. Just watch the charts for the weeks to come. You’ll be feeling the SM effect soon.


12 responses to “The SM Effect

  1. I think SM will rule the first half of 09 but then in the later half who knows.

    Hopefully when WG comes back they are gonna try something new because the retro saga is over after nobody, come on their in america right know JYP make your creative juice go. Big bang is gonna do something in the later half probably because right now their just doing there solo activities for now. Maybe DBSK will come back to korea too and I really hope CSJH will come back they have been gone for so long, these girls are not objects that LSM can just place wherever. They have too much talent to lent them go to waste.

  2. @ ciao – yup ^_^ got it

    @ michizan – I agree about The Grace yo. SM sucks with this promotion crap. I mean, where the eff did SHINee go? LOL

    Depending on how TOP/GD/and I wanna say Taeyang do with their solos, YG might concentrate on their individual careers rather than their group efforts. Besides, he’s still got to get around with debuting his girl group. We’ve been waiting forever.

    WGs are debuting in America with their release of “Nobody.” That song is getting so old for Kpop listeners. Like, hardcore xD For America, I suppose it’s a different story, but I still would have liked to see something different for the girls.

    Also, yes, JYP did state that the girls will be in America for a good first half of the year. And he did say the whole retro thing is over. It was fun, but I want something fresh. And it better be good. LOL

  3. I SO agree with you!!! I am not a fan of SM, but you have to admit he is pretty good at the entertainment industry. JYP too. I have NO clue what they are trying in the US, but good luck to them both.

    I tried listening to ‘Sorry, Sorry’ and got bored after the second go-around. ‘Gee’ took a little longer, but I started listening to it earlier this morning and got bored an hour later (I put it on repeat for about 5 times and switched to something else). They are… manufactured pop and I can’t stand that. It is catchy, but the sounds from JYP, SM bore me to death. And DBSK didn’t come back as strongly as he hoped too… that and the fact that I feel like the hype behind them is kind of gone. The turnover rate in the Korean pop industry is FAST, so I am not surprised. Either make a colossal impact or get left in the dust. BoA… no comment. I was once a fan, but got over her right quick. When I was 17 years old (when manufactured pop was somewhat cool).

    Oh, and just to say, adore reading your blog. I always have a good laugh :D. Cheers for writing!!

  4. kjpop – Shinee left the scene because snsd and suju is debuting once their gone than shinee will come back

    Stephanie is injured hope she gets back to normal that girl’s too talented and hot to be out of sight.

    There’s going to be ton of new groups that are debuting but who knows if their actually telling the truth. Like YG’s female group that is like big bang where the hell are they? If their anything like big bang I’d listen.

  5. @ michizan – DUDE I WEEP FOR STEPH T__T

    I’m really excited for female Big Bang. Like, really really badly excited xD My expectations for them are high.

    @momomegane – thanks for the love ^___^ I’m trying to switch things up a bit more. I liked ranting, rather than providing news. I mean, dude, there are WAYYYY too many websites for that nowadays xD

    DUDE! LOL i am all about JYP family =] no matter how small ❤

  6. Oi. It’s going to be interesting when SNSD’s next single pops up…

    I can’t really imagine another 9(+)week streak.
    Is this the highlight of their career?
    …Gee? D:

  7. It’s so funny, you wrote this post. I totally agree with you. With the exception of the song Replay by Shinee I almost universally do not like SM artists and songs. I was OK with Mirotic but it did not sweep me off my feet (I am a die hard Wonderful and iVIP).

    However, I am ashamed to say, I really like Gee. For some reason its addictive. I ALMOST bought the single, but I did not succomb because the reset of the songs are drivel. I never expected to like anything SNSD related. #1) I don’t like several of the girls, I dont hate them or wish them harm, they are just not my cup of tea #2) saw them live at Hollywood Bowl last year and they were dreadful, like horrifically dreadful — the only song that sounded bearable was lipsynched. #3) I love the more urban k-pop not really into the sugar pop. That said. Gee is kpop gold. I even have some of my latino friends that know nothing about addicted to that song.

    I really liked sorry sorry the first time I heard it. But your right it got old FAST even faster than gee. I think their live performances have ruined the song for me. they are too chaotic on stage. they don’t have the precision that the gee performances had.

    That said. strategically, SM may hold the crown for the first half of 2009 but things have a way of changing once summer hits and all the k-pop megastars come back from their breaks and hiatus.

    Your blog is really funny and umpretentious. Keep up the great work.

  8. kjpop – They say female big bang is debuting in “may” hopefully yg just can’t keep pushing back their date what is he waiting for? I really like cl and gong minji. Especially minji she’s so young but girl can rap and sing did you see her video in youtube her cover for her i come by fergie? Girl has mad skills

    Juicebox – Is this the highlight of their career?
    …Gee? D:

    hehe love that, you know not all sm artists are bad it’s just that I hate cute concepts and fans ty to say gee is different from their other previous works but it’s really not they just changed outfits still the same style. The only voice that I like is probably taeyeons the rest are okay they sound to generic and jessica’s voice is to nasally.

    CSJH come back, I feel bad for them I really do when they were at their highest point in their career as a group so far LSM decides to send them off to japan and focus on SNSD. He can’t focus on more than one artist?

    Lisa – It’s okay I kinda like gee sometimes I mumble the words oh well if a songs’ catchy it’s catchy. That doesn’t mean anything though, the only catchy song that won was nobody it wasn’t even the biggest craze like tell me.

    I go to allkpop for news sometimes but half their stuff are so unbelievably biased. I remember they used to post demeaning articles about certain groups and would flip the switch on another. It still hasn’t changed, just a little less now.

  9. Yeah, agreed what u said about SM. I don’t get it the Gee craze but then how come all the cover are much better than the original singer.

    I mean come on Kim Tae Woo singing Gee much better than 9 ppl. I admit that SM have some good song writers but if the song sang by people not up to par. It will tarnished.

    I just listen to SJ and it just repetitive same like Gee.

    Anyway I like your blog. Long articles, full with all the biased remarks. So entertaining. Keep up the good work.

  10. YG’s secret girl group is finally revealed and will debut their song, cf, and music video in the 27, 28. Or early april. They will officially come out early may.

    I have never anticipated this much for a girl group (WG has a special place in my heart and will always) but I really wanna see the nameless group. GD is produced their songs so I don’t think they’ll do the catchy nor cutesy trend like kara or snsd.

    I had enough SM, I like suju and dbsk but their comebacks was hyped up a lot but did not garner a lot of attention or dominate the first week like most people thought.
    Where is 1tym? Since jinhwan is back can they come together already it’s the perfect year to do it after so many years of waiting.

  11. Aww you guys make my heart flutter ❤ Thanks for the love ^__^ I’ll work hard to keep it comin!

    @ michizan – SM thinks he can keep up what he started. SuJu and DBSK have such HUGE ASS fanclubs that he believes they’re the single most important factor in being at the top. He fails to put into perspective the fact that he’s killing the industry by making shit for music. LOL Just my opinion, but it’s biased, I suppose. I will never bring myself to like SM as much as I did in the 90s.

    1TYM fo yo mind, sonnnnn

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