2009 Seoul Gayo Daesang Awards

And here you thought those stupid award shows were over with. Not quite. And just like before, your currently bed-ridden blogger will give you all the goodies on the dot! So keep coming here every once in a while for continuous coverage! I’m here for all you poor souls that choose to sleep because of school or because you can’t manage to find how to watch these shows yourselves.


Date: 12th February 2009
Time: 5pm to 8pm
Broadcast Channel: YTN Star
Venue: High 1 Resort
Appearances by: Wonder Girls, DBSK, Big Bang, Jewelry, Park Ji-yoon, Kim Jong Kook, Son Dam Bi, Park Hyun Bin, 2PM, SHINee
Awards: 1 Daesang, 10 Bonsangs, 2 Newcomer Awards, 1 Trot Award

Official Website: here

The awards will be presented to the best singers based on various criteria such as album sales, popularity, professional judging and mobile voting to decide on the country’s most popular group and singer.

[Credits: SHINee Italian Forum + Seoul.incomms.co.kr + KPOP JJANG + kenkyu.wp]


Alright, so it seems I can’t live stream like last time X__X so you’ll have to deal with it. Shinee has won Best Newcomer and Big Bang also won an award for Top Album.

Son Dambi, Davichi, Mighty Mouth, and SS501 were also winners. Son Dambi performed.

Brown Eyed Girls also won an award.

Park HyunBin won a trot award, I’m assuming.

DBSK won an award for Top Artist, however, since they were unable to attend, SHINee took the award on their behalf. Kim Jong Kook also won an award.

Wonder Girls’ SunYe, Kim Jong Kook, Big Bang’s Daesung and I think it’s a trot singer performed together.

Mighty Mouth, Davichi, and SHINee all received Best Newcomer Awards.

Wonder Girls have received an award for Digital Music.

DBSK won the popular mobile award as well. Big Bang earned another award, the same on as the Wonder Girls.

Baek Ji Young won a Bonsang. Wonder Girls also received a Bonsang and performed “Nobody.”

Big Bang also received a Bonsang.


First day back in Korea and already conquering. What now, netizens? LOL

List of Winners:

Daesang – WG
Bonsang – TVXQ, Big Bang, Wonder Girls, Baek Jiyoung, SG wannabe, Jang Yoon Jung, Kim Jong Kook, Son Dambi, SS501, BEG
New Artists – Shinee, Davichi, Mighty Mouth
Highwon Music Award – Big Bang
Trot(?)– Park Hyun Bin
Performance award – Kim Jang Hoon
YTNStar award – Baek Jiyoung
Best Album – Big Bang
Digital award – Wonder Girls
Popular Mobile Award – TVXQ, Big Bang
Hallyu Award – SS501

More videos will be posted later. Certain videos will be replaced. All credit goes to the respective uploader.

Wonder Girls – Nobody

SHINee receiving DBSK’s award on their behalf

Happy Together

Wonder Girls receiving DaeSang + Encore Nobody performance

Big Bang – Haru Haru + Sunset Glow

SHINee – Replay + Amigo

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