FT Island’s “Bad Woman” MV Subbed

The first FT Island MV without WonBin. And a very solemn video it was…

Up until you see HongKi’s new haircut! How achy breaky heart, dude! You were hot up until you got this haircut. Please do away with it. Also, the MV itself would have been just another sappy cliche, but the swinging cubicles that held each member of FT Island in the background, behind HongKi’s distracting mullet, made me laugh my ass off. I couldn’t keep a straight face when those scenes came up! Oh, FT Island, at least your song is very good. Kjpop approved!

Also, you can look forward to the boys’ latest mini album, Jump Up, popping into stores on February 17!

1. 나쁜 여자야 (Bad Woman)
2. 인형 처럼 (Like A Doll)
3. 마법 (Magic)
4. Missing You
5. 그대와 나 (You And I)
6. 어쩌란 말이야 (What Can I Do?)

After two not-so-stellar singles from the boys, I have high hopes for this mini album. I’m totally diggin’ Bad Woman!

EDIT: Whoa, I knew the melody sounded somewhat reminiscent of another Kpop ballad! If you listen closely enough, while it’s obviously not an exact replica, Kim Jong Kook’s “This is Me” sorta kinda maybe sounds like “Bad Woman.” Or it could just be me. Actually, it’s just the verses that are similar in melody. It’s during the chorus that the songs switch it up. Check it out yourself:


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