Rooting for the Underdog

The gloves are coming off and with all fangirling aside, I will be one of the few to honestly ask, “What the hell?” This subject has been thrown on the ground, spat on, and took a beating that’s one for the record books. But here I am to destroy it just a little bit more, mainly because this affects one of the very few fandoms I choose to associate myself with.

Here’s my opinion. It hasn’t changed much at all. I still think you have to be an overconfident, stupid soul to even think about debuting in the states. But now, it seems as though things are looking pretty up for those already here. Se7en‘s FINALLY debuting in the US on February 14 with his so-yesterday single, “Girls.” Then you’ve got that BoA chick releasing her 1st American album on March 17 and kicking Beyonce‘s booty on the Billboard charts. Could this be a sign?

Oh. Hell. No.

And, once again, all fangirling aside, some of you will get an absolute KICK out of this:

But since when have fobby English interviews haven’t been a hoot? Gah, the inner fangirl in me was cringing at the sight of those wigs and outfits. Then came the actual words that poured out of well, primarily YeEun’s mouth. Once again, AGAIN, AGAIN, AND AGAIN all fangirling aside, here’s what went wrong with this interview:

  • Why did they wear those wigs and outfits? Did you happen to see what everyone else was wearing?
  • Blatant nervousness.
  • The overall mood of the interview was just so awkward and rushed.
  • YeEun did all the talking.
  • And you knew it was coming sooner or later…ENGLISH ENGLISH ENGLISH.

Shall I elaborate on the reasons for you?

  1. Why the outfits, JYP? This is America in the middle of February. Not October. We’re not celebrating Halloween. And it definitely did not need to come early this year. Honestly, what do you think everyone around them was thinking? “Aww, what cute wigs and outfits!” Of course not. Who in the right drug-infected celebrity mind in LA would find those outfits and wigs cute? That’s right, NO ONE. There’s an argument going around (of course) that this was a great idea. I mean, heck, the girls definitely got exposed. While everyone dressed normally, here come these 5 young Asian ladies in coordinated wardrobes. If that’s not eye-catching, you don’t want to know what I had in mind for “eye popping first impressions.” But this is why I’m being so picky. The girls are NETWORKING, not debuting like many people are interpreting somehow. This event that the girls just happened to drop in on happens to be ONE of the MANY first impressions the girls can leave on American entertainers and whatnot. And this is the first impression they’d like to leave? Who can honestly say they took these girls seriously? I’m willing to bet a few or none at all. Just look at the guy who interviewed them.
  2. Ah, my favorite parts of American “debuts”, the dreaded ENGLISH interviews. You know you get the chuckles every time you see your favorite Kpop stars sweating their balls off during these things. It’s fun to watch them work under immense pressure in the hot seat…that is of course, you actually happen to like the person (unless you’re Rain). Anywho, the interview was rather rushed and very awkward. Mixing reasons 2 and 3, this just set the stage for a bad bad bad interview.
  3. And finally, mix up reasons 4 and 5, and it just takes the cake. Oh my, where to begin? Let’s start with the fact that it was basically just YeEun talking. There are 5 girls in this group, not one. Yes, they all took the time to introduce themselves and even sing a little ditty that happens to be one of the top songs in Korea right now, but for one thing, what kind of names are “Sun” and “Yennie” and another thing, who in the states knows California that doesn’t follow Kpop? We all know that YeEun just so happens to possess an amazing brain, but aren’t all the girls learning English right now? Yes they all are, but having one girl out of five doing all the talking is giving me the feeling that the other girls aren’t up to par with YeEun. Uh, what? This isn’t the first scenario. In the Wonder Girls YouTube channel launch interview in ENGLISH, YeEun did all the talking (basically). And even more prior to this was the New York Chuseok Festival in 2008. Once again, Park Oppa spoke the bulk and most “fluently”. I’m not trying to single out YeEun here or anything, but come on, if all the girls are learning English, they should all be capable to talking in an interview. Not just YeEun. If they are being serious about ever having a career in America, they’ve got to step it up.

Did I come off as too harsh in that for fellow Wonder Girls fans? I mean no harm. Really. The fangirl in me was DYING to hear that they even got into this sort of event and how much their English had improved! But many of us are failing to realize that if they do plan on debuting in America, there’s a lot more the girls have to do to be taken seriously. JYP and the girls know this. BoA and SM know this. YG and Se7en know this. It’s about the people you know. By the looks of things, everyone is slowly but surely getting there with the “people they know.” But even then, the people you know can only take you so far. Your management company can only do so much for you. It’s all about how much you are willing to work for yourself. So if anyone wants to work in the states, work on your goddamn English first. The last thing anyone really wants to read about are the cheap shots taken at these Korean idols for their crap accents and vocabulary. There’s more to the American lingo than “like”, “um”, and “yeah” but with how rapidly stupidity is spreading around in America, they are slowly becoming 5 dollar words.

Whoever you’re a fan of, you know deep down you’re rooting for one of these guys to win. We can laugh at their poor English, stupid song lyrics, and awkward attempts at stardom in America, but we are all rooting for them. Shut up and get over yourself. You know you are. How cool would it be? Don’t you want to be one of those annoying hipsters that could say, “Dude, I was totally a fan of [insert kpop artist here] way before they came to America!” So here’s my olive branch petition for all you Kpop artists trying to make it big here:

  • First impressions are EVERYTHING. Don’t even try arguing with me because chances are, we’ll be lost in translation. First impressions can make or break you, so try not to look like a huge idiot. Whether if it’s in what you wear, what you say, or how you act, your first impression is everything.
  • This is AMERICA. Not Korea. Not Japan. Not China. Not ASIA. We do things a little differently around these parts. It’s cool to stay true to your heritage and such, but if you plan on working here, learn to the customs and habits.
  • So you think you’ve got talent. That’s nice. Can Americans say so? Up the ante with your singing and dancing. We’re pretty harsh jerks when it comes to “deciding” who’s actually got “talent.”
  • “Um, like…yeah!” The only people that talk like that are the uneducated fools that pollute the world we live in. Don’t ever try to talk like that. Saying nothing is better than sounding like that. Expand your vocabulary (though I will admit, it was a pleasant surprise to hear YeEun say “intriguing”. Like, what the heck, I didn’t even know that word until the 6th grade! That just goes to show how “smart” this blogger is xD) but learn the slang. Work on the English. You’ll get there.

Welcome to the states, Wonder Girls, BoA, and Se7en. Hope you have a happy stay here. Oh, and good luck with the rest of your careers! All your fans are looking forward to see great things from you.

2 responses to “Rooting for the Underdog

  1. I want the WonderGirls to make it here so bad, but everything feels rushed. Se7en had the right idea of coming over here and simmering for a little bit. They need to brush up on their English skills alot. 2009 will not be a US failure in the WOndergirls don’t premiere right here right now, work on English for a year and come back in 2010 hard and strong, and please someone convince JYP that those Nobody outfits suck.

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