Wonder Girls Are In LA!!

Heads up, you lucky LA-ers. It’s time to get your stalk on. Korea’s very own little sisters, the Wonder Girls, are currently in LA. Yes, LA, CALIFORNIA! Envious? Of course I am. What a perfect time for me to head over to the other side of the nation. And here many of us thought the girls were situated in New York at JYP’s headquarters.

Well, it’s all good. The girls are giving us a heads up with their plans and whatnot with their very own blogs, written in, you guessed it, ENGLISH! Whether you want to believe it was them or not, hey, it’s information and it’s in English. We’ll take what we can get:

Hey everyone,

We’re finally in L.A.!!! We’re still a bit jetlagged from the 13 hour plane ride but we’re so excited to be here. So far it’s been awesome!!!

We’ve been very busy lately preparing for our JYP Tour Concert next month. We’ll be touring major cities – a concert in L.A. on March 5th, Orange County on the 6th, and we’ll fly to New York for our final concert on the 8th.

We’ve also been studying and practicing English a ton, can you tell?! Our hope is that we can communicate with more of our fans here in the U.S. We can’t wait to perform here and hope to meet with you guys very soon. So spread the word!

We’ll be in L.A. for a week for some shoots and other projects, but we’ll update this blog pretty frequently so please stay tuned!

Love Always,

Sun Ye, Yubin, Ye Eun, Sunmi, Sohee

[Source: MTV IGGY]
[Credit: popo (for tip off :D) + sunmijjang.wordpress.com]

And that’s not all! While the girls were in LA, they even got to meet Black Eyed Peas man, Will.I.Am. in none other than their nasty wigs and mod outfits for their latest hit single, Nobody. Seriously? Those outfits? Come on.

Hi everyone!

Guess who we met last night… Will.i.am from The Black Eyed Peas!!!

He hosted a Grammy-nominated Artist Exhibition in L.A. and it was so crazy to meet him in person. We were pleasantly surprised that a lot of VIPs and American media were interested in us, too. We thought they’d just think: who are these five girls uniformly dressed with funky, blockish hairstyles!?

Aside from all the meetings and tight schedules, we’re having so much fun randomly meeting top artists, industry professionals and, of course, our fans! Hope we have more of those opportunities and that we’re able to show off our songs and dance moves, too.

Till tomorrow with love,


[Source: MTV IGGY]
[Credit: popo (for tip off :D) + sunmijjang.wordpress.com]

The girls have big plans for the US, it seems. Or maybe they’re just pulling our legs for now. Whatever they’ve got planned up their sleeves, I can pretty much bet that we’re all going to be at the edge of our seats until they spit it out and deliver! Wonder Girls, we friggin miss you.

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