Why, Hello February

Can you believe it’s already February? I never though January would end! Total drag fest in terms of Kpop. It’s a shame I’m not a fan of SNSD, or else I’d be having a major party now that they’re back. But alas, no. I’m just allowing my life to progress Kpop-less for now. *yawn*

I haven’t done this in a while! First week mash-up of ’09! Let’s giterdone!!

1. BoA is actually serious about her American music career!

I know! Isn’t that cute? Her first American album, cleverly titled “BoA”, will be released in America and Japan on March 17! The title track? Surprisingly, not “Eat You Up”, but “I Did it for Love” featuring Sean Garrett. Nice. Here’s the track list:

1-I Did It For Love (featuring Sean Garrett)
3-Did Ya
4-Look Who’s Talking
5-Eat You Up
9-Girls On Top
10-Dress Off
11-Hypnotic Dancefloor

Good luck to ya’, BoA! I mean, after kicking Beyonce’s ass on Billboard magazine’s “Hot Dance Club Play” list, that basically just gives you the green light to go kick more ass, right? Power to the Best of Asia!

2. FTTS is back! With their new single “Goodbye”, the boys plan on reuniting and bringing the true ballad groove back to Kpop! Well, they’re going to try anyway.  As much as they’ve been missed, I’m sure, their comeback single is kind of a snoozefest. I know they’re more capable. Here it is:

3. Se7en plans to make his own US debut on February 14! No, seriously! YG finally said so!

Se7en will finally make his US Debut with the digital single “Girls,” on February 14th. The music video for “Girls” will also be released on the same day.

It’s a dream come true for all you Se7en fans that have been waiting for an eternity! Hope you don’t get your hopes crushed. Or your hearts, for that matter.

4. Jewelry-S wants a Date!

It’s like something that SNSD or Kara should’ve barfed out. This was supposed to be Ha Joo Yeon and Kim Eun Jung’s attempt at showcasing their “talent.” For once, I’m crying out loud for Seo In Young to come back! Heck, Park Jung Ah, too!

5. Voting ends TODAY (or yesterday in Korea) for those Kara fans! Voting for what? Well, your choice of Kara’s songs as their next single! Yes, the ladies are finally putting a halt to their promotions for “Pretty Girl” and it’s up to the fans to vote for their next promoted single! The contenders?



Nah nun

My Darling

6. Ready for Hollywood Bowl 09? I sure as hell am! Or I will be, once a better list of artists gets posted up! But for now, the list of artists is as follows:  SNSD, Lee Juk, Lena Park, Kim Changwan Band, and Son Ho Young. Obviously, the better artists will be released around March. I’m too lazy to fill out in the info, so just check out the poster.

7. As you VIPs know, Big Bang has rocked out their first concert of 09! And don’t you international fans just hate those Korean VIPs? With 52,000 fans in all three days of performances, Big Bang had better prepare a show for these people that they won’t ever forget! 23 songs, 2 solos, and 30 fans a’fainting. Good job, boys.

8. After School got snubbed.

What a blow to the balls that they don’t have! What’s the deal? Pledis Entertainment can tell you what’s up:

“We received a call on the 29th that After School should not attend the January 30th episode of Music Bank. We’re assuming they didn’t have enough time to fit our girls into the show, but we were never given a reason.”

“Female groups are focusing way too much on sexiness and looks these days. This type of behavior can actually backfire on them and be harmful to their careers. Singers should focus on actually singing and obtain popularity through the proper methods.”


9. UKiss is back!

I don’t know why they try, especially after their epic first single fail. But hey, at least they try. And as for their attempt at bringing 80s/90s retro back, it’s back to the drawing board for you, fellas.


4 responses to “Why, Hello February

  1. yay for boa.
    FTTS is finally back, W00t!
    eh..se7en.. maybe I’ll muster some enthusiasm
    ewww Jewelry S that song, not so hot
    i totally wanna go to that concert, but i can’t…*tear*
    Ah… Afterschool….it was only a matter of time
    umm UKiss was..not bad… i guess

  2. Yey for BoA, but I haven’t heard her song on the radio. I think I’m going to request it on my way home to see if they know what I’m talking about.

    I love Se7en’s girls, I wish it wasn’t the Lil Kim version.

    I’m totally jealous of those VIP’s well atl east I’ll get to pick up the DVD, with (crosses fingers) English subs again.

    Too bad for After School I’m really feeling Ah! right now.

    I think SM should fight back and boycott KBS(or whatever station it was), instead of just taking whatever they dish out, remember now they are begging SNSD to come on their show not the other way around. Grow a backbone and maybe you won’t get pushed around so much.

  3. Never liked Se7en, so I could careless what he is planning…good luck bud! though that song is sooo 2001-2003…

    After school should have people begging them to appear in their shows, but so far i`ve only seen them in music shows and ONE interview…. their song might not be that good, but they are so freaking entertaining and HOT!! Joo Yeon ❤

  4. I find the last statement about AS to be bull, if sex doesn’t sell what does that make hyori she wears more revealing clothing that AS

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