As the random few of you visitors might have already guessed, my blog is a ghost town nowadays, with the occasional random posts every other week or so. Sorry about that. A mix of lack of time, schoolwork, work, and lack of interesting news is finally getting to me. Like for real.

So I’m going to try something new. HI VISITORS/LURKERS! I KNOW YOU’RE OUT THERE! Let’s have a discussion. On anything. Absolutely anything. I’d like to get to know you better (goddamn, creeper status right here) so I can make my blog a little more interesting for your sake and mine 😀

Drop by a comment or two. We can make “Not Another K-Blog” a better place for losers to hang out!


4 responses to “Boredom

  1. Woman! You’re such a great writer!!! *subliminal message* MOVE OVER TO SEOULBEATS *end subliminal message*

    Your priorities should go as follows:
    1) kpop
    2) school
    3) work


  2. LMAO! Since johnny and I have pretty much gave up on the whole “Allkpop” thing… AHHAHA

    I really ought to stop making promises I can’t keep. xD

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