WonBin Ditches FT


That would be a lot more genuine if I felt the same way about the group as I did a year ago.

FT Island’s management company has officially stated WonBin’s departure from the group due to his conflicting music views with the group. But FT Island doesn’t seem to mind. Or at least their company doesn’t. In fact, they’re searching for a replacement as we speak. Ouch.

WonBin, you’ll be missed. It’s tough trying to keep up with the idol image when you have enough talent to play an instrument. Maybe he’ll start his own group? Good luck if that’s the case.

2 responses to “WonBin Ditches FT

  1. At least Hongki seems like he cares…idk. He seems like the nicest member. According to FT sasaeng fans he cried and pleaded Wonbin not to go when he was leaving the dorm. Well who believes sasaeng fans heehee

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