After School Makes Me Go ‘AH’

Seriously. Ga Hee is one sexy leader. After seeing these ladies grope one another on stage during the end of the year Gayo shows just a few weeks ago, After School has finally released a full MV for their debut single, ‘Ah’. Ah? Ah.

A bunch of pretty ladies, don’t you think? Legal and sexy. What a nice change. Refreshing considering all those self-proclaimed ahjussi fans of all those cutesy little girl groups that instill Lolita comlexes into anything and everything they can get a hold of are pretty much everywhere nowadays. I’ve been looking for something sexy and edgy for a while now, since Hyori is a no show. These ladies are heating up the stage in a way no other idol girl group can.

The song itself is nothing special. The concept is nice and a lot edgier than anything around right now in Kpop. Very Pussycat Dolls. It’s all good I guess, they are trying to be Korea’s PCD. They’re doing a pretty good job so far. The only thing I commend these girls for over their American counterparts is that it’s not just centered around the leader. Looking forward to more of After School.

2 responses to “After School Makes Me Go ‘AH’

  1. very girlicious… i really like them and gae hee is really hot!!
    i’m hooked…song is alright, but they are great performers!!

  2. I like the song too, and I agree Mickey picked a cute one.

    …But can someone explain to me what is going on with the second girl who is singing, it looks like she has a nosebleed or something.

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