JYP Hooks Up with Yong-Sama

Get your head out of the gutter.

Two of the biggest names in the Korean entertainment industry, Bae Yong Jun (aka Yong-sama) and Park Jin Young will become business partners and invest in a drama together.

Bae Yong Jun and JYP have been meeting recently to discuss a drama project that they’re getting ready for in 2009. It has been revealed that they are currently in the works of getting Wonder Girls to star in the drama.

It has also been said that this teen drama starring the Wonder Girls will help them take on the American market. This co-produced project has already been long talked about by people in the entertainment industry. And both sides have gotten really close after meeting at the Pusan Int’l Film Festival. (WG revealed their plans to debut in America @ PIFF)

Last month, at the 4th Annual Korean CEO Grand prix Awards, JYP was noted as saying, “As of now, I am in the talks of making a drama starring a Korean star and aiming at televising it in America.”

As soon as JYP and Bae Yong Jun are done sketching out a scenario, Wonder Girls might be on their way of becoming international superstars.

Source: moneytoday star news
Credits: wonderkid @ spectacle!
Full Article: http://star.moneytoday.co.kr/view/stview.p…link=2&SVEC

Ok…Well, if anything, JYP wasn’t thinking very much. Cool that the girls get to star in their own drama, but wouldn’t it have been just a wee bit smarter on his part had he taken advantage of Yong-sama’s HUGE fanbase in, oh I don’t know…JAPAN!??!?!?! God, JYP, sometimes you make no sense to me.

One response to “JYP Hooks Up with Yong-Sama

  1. that article was updated/clarified that the drama will be an asian based drama…i don’t think they will be promoting the drama in US

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