Big Bang’s Baby is a Man Now

VIPs everywhere are getting all hot and sweaty to see Big Bang’s magnae getting all manly in his first solo endevour, Strong Baby. The track was featured on Big Bang’s 2nd album and was recently performed at SBS 2008 Gayo. Even if it was just a performance at the award show, Seungri had all his noonas buzzing about how mature he’s gotten with his performances.

Well, Seungri’s starting to get  G-Dragon’s knack for surprises because in his MV for Strong Baby, he just about had all his noonas shocked. Check it out:

Speaking of G-Dragon, he happens to show up in the MV as well. While I’m not a huge fan of Seungri or his song Strong Baby, I can’t help but think of how Justin Timberlake this MV was. It was so SexyBack, without the orgy.  Maybe it’s the fact that Seungri insists on wearing a suit. Anyway, that lady that’s got all the noonas jealous is the same hottie from Big Bang’s Last Farewell MV.

My thoughts? What a smart boy, Seungri is. Taking total advantage of the fact that he’s 18 now, he dives into a rather risque sex scene with a rather hot lady. While all the other Big Bang boys simply manage to get tiny kisses or booty slaps in their parts for MVs, Seungri’s one step ahead.  I still don’t like the song, but I’m sure Seungri fans everywhere will take this very very well.

EDIT – Just had to since I’m still on this wonderbang high, but seeing as how both Seungri and Sunmi have just recently shown how hot they both can be, how sexy would it to be see both of them on stage? Bet you RiMi fans are still pissed xD


3 responses to “Big Bang’s Baby is a Man Now

  1. Hey, got your message on iheartkimchi!
    Yeah, we haven’t talked in forever. I just assumed that you’ve been busy. Hope your holidays were good!!! Happy new year to you toooooooo!!!

    ROFL…the Seungri vid. That’s what I thought too when I first saw it, that it’s VERY VERY VERY JT’s Sexyback. Like even when he first performed the song, his entrance onto the stage in which he was in a lighted hallway was EXACTLY like JT’s entrance for one the MTV VMA performances. I hate how Seungri thinks he JT. Like uh…NO. Couldn’t be farther from it.

    Anywho, you still have my email, right? So email me if you get the time etc etc.

  2. I think the reason I like it so much is because of the JT/Sexyback homage. The song is so club friendly and good to bump in my car…actually almost the entire remember cd is very roadtrip/clubbing friendly. Plus the this video is total shock value, my mouth was completely dropping to the floor kinda like when I saw d’angelo’s how does it feel video…smoldering.

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