Crossing the Line

Take a good look.

Yup, that was from last night’s/this morning’s highly anticipated WonderBang performance! SunMi and TOP finished the solo couples’ routines with their sexy rendition of Nobody. While I sat there being awed by SunMi’s audacity with her moves (WOOT! YOU GO GIRL!), not many others seemed to have felt the same way. The poor girl is already getting bashed for the above.

Reasons behind their anger?

  • SunMi is 17 and TOP is 22/ She’s underaged – Um, yes she is underaged. I got that much. This isn’t like a HUGE age gap. It’s not like Anna Nicole Smith and that one old husband she had. The gap isn’t that terrifying.  She’s not far from being 18 either. Come on, she’s not 10. We’d have a problem if that were the case.
  • RiMi + TooBin shippers – I can’t lie. I love TooBin and RiMi. I would have loved to have Yoobin on TOP’s lap instead. But those that planned this whole stage were smart enough to realize that the rappers needed to be separated. As you can see from the stages, there was at least one singer and one rapper (excluding SunTae and DaeEun’s stages). Guess people just wanted their old couples back.

But is that enough of a reason to be blowing a small thing like the above out of proportion? Why of course not. Since SunMi is such an avid fan of Son DamBi’s sexy chair dance from Crazy, she could have even done something similar with TOP (LOL, just a random thought I had, it wasn’t an actual possibility =P). SunMi did not give the man a lap dance. She just sat there, stroked his face, and went on to stare longingly into his eyes. Have you read the lyrics for Nobody? It’ll make sense if you did. It’s an act. It’s a stage. They’re playing a role even though TOP and SunMi totally had this pimp + ho feel to them, especially because of their initial, compromising position XDDD *gets shot* Don’t take that last part literally. A lot of Wonder Girls fans are aware that SunMi is pretty uncomfortable and awkward around the male gender (despite the fact she likes them sexy guys LOL). Need I bring up that one TBJ shoot? Heck for all we know, she might not have even wanted to do this! But she’s a performer and it needed to be done, so therefore, she did it. That’s all there is to it.

SunMi will still be SunMi. It’s a stage. She’s still cute and innocent, but now she’s showing the world that she can be just as sexy as anybody else. It’s time to embrace change, folks. It can do ya some good.

EDIT – I’d like to comment on how lucky TOP is. He always seems to get the best deals out of these collaboration stages xD

EDIT 2 –  Thank you loyal readers ^__^ Today was my busiest blog day! ONLY 6 VIEWERS AWAY FROM 400!! THANK YOU FOR THE SUPPORT ❤


4 responses to “Crossing the Line

  1. ur right… i read comments first before watching the real thing and its like everybody’s going isnt she to young bla bla bla… i was ready for a heck of a show but when it came to it i was like THATS IT? EEEEHHH? hahahaha

  2. I think their part was way to short. I would’ve like to seen more of a collaboration, and they both looked uncomfortable to me.

    BTW I like posting on blogs even when the dates are wayyy over.

  3. I would’ve prefered RiMi and TooBin, too, but like you said, I realized what they were trying to get at. My only problem with it is that Sunmi looks EXTREMELY uncomfortable throughout the whole thing, and T.O.P doesn’t seem that into it, either. I don’t think people would’ve made such a big deal out of everything if they would’ve actually looked a little more comfortable and not like they were some awkward high-schoolers. (Granted, Sunmi would be in highschool.)

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