2008 MBC Gayo Daejun

Despite the huge disappointment I had to endure earlier this morning, I decided to get over myself and enjoy the little moments that were somewhat enjoyable during the abomination known as KBS’s Gayo show. I will continue to blog live updates about the final gayo show of the year, MBC’s highly anticipated one. FWEE!! However, I won’t buy into the hype so I don’t become disappointed for a second time in a row, especially before the new year.

So what’s MBC got planned for the masses?

Well, I don’t know about you, but I’m eager to see what WonderBang has in store for us! The biggest boy and girl groups of the year are reunited and it feels damn good *hopefully*.

Stage Details

1 year on, the Wonder Girls and Big Bang will be collaborating again at the 2008 MBC Gayo Daejun. Starting from 9.55pm to 1.30am (KST) in the morning, the 215 minute MBC Gayo Daejun will see most of Korea’s top singers performing and counting down to 2009 with Korea and the rest of the world.

The Wonder Girls and Big Bang had collaborated in a Grease musical last year at the MBC Gayo Daejun and will be teaming up again this year, with some experience in the bag already. G-Dragon – So Hee, Sun Ye – Tae Yang and Ye Eun – Dae Sung couples will remain the same like before. But there are changes to the other 2 couples unfortunately: Yoo Bin – Seung Ri and T.O.P. – Sun Mi. They will be performing with a closer and friendlier atmosphere because of their close bonds developed from their previous collaborations in 2007.

It has been revealed that each couple are rigorously practicing/training. Individual couples are practising for their individual couple performances.

Big Bang and the Wonder Girls will perform each of their respective hit songs and create a totally different feel that’s as great as the original. WonderBang stated with confidence, “This new stage that we are performing will be totally different from our previous collaborations, please wait in anticipation.”

cr. wonder girls wonderland + kris

While some people choose to complain about the switch up in couples, I’ll sit back and see what the kiddies have in store. Hell, I’m just glad they’re back on stage together because quite frankly, KBS was a drag.

Anywho, here’s more information:

Website: http://www.imbc.com/broad/tv/ent/event/200…info/index.html
Airing Date: 31th December, 2008
Airing Time: 9:55pm to 1:30am (KST) in the morning
Channel: MBC(korea) <tvants> + http://www.tvchannelsfree.com/ + http://www.channelchooser.com/ (Click WorldTV)

Artist Performing:
MC Mong
Epik High
Song Dae Gwan
Tae Jin Ah
Jang Yoon Jeong
Park Hyun Bin
Son Dam Bi
Jun Jin
Kim Jong Kook
Big Bang
Baek Ji Young
Shin Moon Hee
Wonder Girls
Brown Eyed Girls
SG Wannabe
So Nyeo Shi Dae
Park Jin Young(JYP)

<Special Stages>
Big Bang + Wonder Girls
Park Jin Young + Rain
JunJin + Son Dam Bi

*More information coming soon…

Please share information if you have any. ^^

Finally! OTHER ARTISTS! SNSD is coming (all except Yoona who will be attending KBS Drama Award show). I don’t really care what they perform as long as those damn lollipops are a no show. I’m also somewhat excited for the JYP + Bi dance battle.  There will also be a Jun Jin and Son Dambi special stage, but I don’t really care much for that. Who knows, I might be pleasantly surprised. And what’s that? SS501 is performing? Interesting.

See you guys 8 AM Eastern time =D

Show kicks off with a Good, the Bad, and the Weird parody!

And after much talking from the MCs, MC Mong comes on stage to perform Circus. Compared to yesterday’s performance, this one was a lot more colorful and lively.

After a few more words from the MCs, Epik High is on to perform One. It doesn’t stop there! The boys then perform Fly! Haven’t heard this song in a looong time. Mithra looks sexy LOL

2PM comes on after more words from the MCs to perform 10 Points Out of 10. WooYoung’s breathing breathing really hard at the intro. The boys then break off into a dance break after Jay’s rap. Then they’re back to finishing up 10 Points.

Shinee boys come on stage with an intro dance break which eventually has the boys transitioning into Replay. Once that’s done with, the boys burst into Amigo.

After more words from the MCs, we’ve got Shabang Shabang and Omona being performed. Actually, the trot stars break off into more trot songs.

Then FINALLY, you see a JYP vs. Rain ad. But it was just a tease. For now, we’ve got Son Dambi performing her Crazy song, yet again. It sounds like a remix and Dambi appears on stage in this obnoxiously huge disco ball with a gold jacket and white pants (for once). Then Junjin appears on stage to have a mini dance off with Dambi. Then she finishes her song up. JunJin appears on stage to perform a small dance intro including Michael Jackson tracks.

After that little ditty, Son Dambi and Junjin join the MCs for a little chat, which includes most of the MCs taking a stab at Dambi’s song.

Then, MBC shows us a parody of We Got Married, including our favorite muscle man, Kim Jong Kook. He then moves on to perform Today More than Yesterday. Daesung comes on stage to perform Lovable with Kim Jong Kook. He even goes on to drag the female MC onto the stage where the two small eyed brothers serenade her. The boys then join the MCs upon the end of their serenade.

TaeYang then performs Prayer showing off his amazing biceps. It seems like TOP isn’t the only one that likes to wear his shades indoors. Teddy comes on stage to perform his rap. After taking off the shades and the vest, TaeYang moves on to perform a remix for his other solo, My Girl. He even has a lady trapped in a glass box that helps him get dressed again. He transitions off to a remix version of Only Look At Me where he continues to take off his jacket once more.

Then there seems to be a skit involving the MCs.


WE’RE FINALLY BACK! I think that’s the MC lady performing L.O.V.E. by Nat King Cole. Sorry I don’t know who it is. The other MC joins her to duet.

After the longest commentaries from the MCs, Baek Ji Young performs on top of a piano looking rather fabulous, if I do say so myself. After that lovely ballad, Sad Salsa is performed after she does a little dance on top of the piano.

Jewelry took the stage to perform Cinderella and One More Time with interesting gowns. The boys seem to be wearing what the Wonder Girls were wearing during SBS’s Gayo. At the strike of 12, the gowns were ripped off to reveal more appropriate outfits and finish performing Cinderella. Then the ladies perform a remix for One More Time.

Shin Moon Hee is on the stage after some MC talk. Then more MC talk. Then it’s the countdown to the new year! Happy new year Korea!

WONDER GIRLS + BIG BANG finally take the stage! They start off with Irony with SunYe and TaeYang with just as much body contact as many wonderbangers were hoping for. As expected from the grinding duo from last year. SunYe is once again with long hair. Then Yoobin and Seungri perform Lies. Yoobin raps and Seungri sings with his noona. G-Dragon and Sohee perform Tell Me together. G-Dragon seems to have made his own rap for the song and Sohee goes on to sing Tell Me by herself. YeEun and Daesung perform Haru Haru together with lovely harmony. It’s hot. I gotta say, these two look hot together on this stage. OMFG SHE TOUCHED HIS LIPS! Then Top and SunMi perform NOBODY! OMFG SUNMI ON TOPS LAP!!! HOLY @&$#! Big Bang then performs So Hot their own rendition of course. Then the girls perform Last Farewell. THEN WONDERBANG TOGETHER ON STAGE!!!! ENERGY IS EXPLOSIVE!!! This is why WonderBang is loved by many. It’s cuz they ROCK!!!! Anyway, I don’t see why this had to be by height. Yoobin and TOP were missed greatly, but TOPMI ❤ It’s love now, fool.

Then there seems to be a brass ensemble performing. I’m still shaking from wonderbang. And now some guy is singing but I don’t know his name. The one MC is performing in an Elvis getup with his son.

Finally, after MCs stop talking, Brown Eyed Girls perform a remix to How Come. It seems to be a future/techno remix involving a lot of gold and silver outfits. Did the girls go to SHINee’s stylists to get dressed today? Same with Dambi from earlier.

SG Wannabe gets on stage. They perform two songs, one of which is La La La.

MCs talk cut again. After mentioning Wonder Girls, they cut off to what seems like a backstage video of the girls. The girls are playfully performing Nogari, a popular parody to their Nobody song. Not long after, the girls, clad in white flapper dresses, take the stage once more in what starts off as a mellow club version of Nobody. They perform the same dance their performed at Golden Disks. Then it’s back to DISCO version from MKMF. After YeEun hits her high note beautifully, there was a little dance groove break. ENERGY IS SO HIGH! Maybe the girls are still on a high from performing with Big Bang? LOL Sorry I felt like it =P

SNSD comes on stage to perform *SURPRISE SURPRISE* Kissing You. Seriously, the only group I know that can get away with promoting the same song ALL YEAR. Then it’s bye bye to lollipops as the girls move on to perform Girls’ Generation. By the way, Yoona was actually present.

Triple S takes the stage to perform U R Man. SS501 is back together to perform Deja Vu (I think?). Their fans were screaming their hearts out.

After the MC cut, Big Bang is up again. First they have a backstage video shown. Have NO idea what they’re saying. Seungri appears soon after to dance solo. DaeSung appears after to do his own solo dance while singing Number 1. Up next is big man, TOP to rap it up in the house. Then we’ve got the sexy man TaeYang dancing to the dance break for With U. Last but not least is G-Dragon performing a remix of This Love. The boys come together to perform Wonderful. Then they perform Sunset Glow with a bunch of little kids cosplaying as Big Bang ROFL. Love the energy. It’s a great performance once more.

Rain takes the stage SOLO at first, performing some medleys, but I’m guessing this is the beginning of JYP’s dance off with Rain. He’s pulling out the stops and isn’t disappointing the crowd. After his trampoline dance, he goes on to perform Rainism.

JYP finally took the stage in one of his signature obnoxious outfits with nothing but KING JYP on top. JYP, please sta behind the scenes. I like you better as a producer (LOL!) But seriously, he’s got nothing on Rain as of yet. The master vs. the protege. It was hilarious watching JYP. I can’t take him seriously.

At the end, the artists split into their groups. Bi talks, then Wonder Girls’ SunYe talks with huge fanchants being heard from the crowd. Yoona of SNSD gives some final words as well. It seems as though the team consisting of 2PM, WonderBang, and Bi won tonight. Heck, Big Bang drags mini bang back on stage. And with that, MBC’s Gayo is complete. But not without a heart and a loving message from all the artists that performed tonight. Now that’s how you start a new year =D

Now for the videos:

2PM Dance Break

2PM – 10 Points Out of 10

Kim Jong Kook + DaeSung – Lovable

TaeYang Ft. Teddy – Prayer, My Girl, Only Look At Me


Wonder Girls – Nobody (Mellow mix, Dance break, Disco version)

Kim Min Jung ft. Yoo SeYoon – L.O.V.E

Backstage with the Wonder Girls

Big Bang skit

SHINee – Replay + Amigo

Big Bang Solo Intros

Big Bang – Wonderful

JYP vs. Rain Dance Battle

SNSD – Kissing You + Girls Generation

Big Bang – Sunset Glow

JunJin cut

Ending Stage


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