2008 KBS Song Festival

Why good morning there, fellow Kpopper. Did you wake up at some ungodly hour of the early morning just to watch another end of the year Gayo show? ME TOO!

Yes, this time, I made it on time to watch it, with a good hour or so to spare prior. If you are one of the unlucky few kiddies that can’t watch the award show live, please hang tight here as I will be constantly updating about the award show for your convenience. I’m just a nice girl like that 😀

So far, here’s a small preview of what KBS has in store for us:

Artist List

Wonder Girls
Lee Mun Seh
Big Bang
Kim Gun Mo
Kim Jong Kook
Baek Ji Young
Brown Eyed Girls
Son Dam Bi
SG Wannabe
MC Mong

A FEW Special Stages:
Wonder Girls – Survivor <Destiny’s Child>
Son Dam Bi – Lose My Breath <Destiny’s Child>
Jewelry (Seo In Young & Ha Ju Yeon) – Bottle Pop <Pussycat Dolls> + 4 Minutes <Madonna>

<Musical> Mama Mia
Min SunYe & Park Ye Eun(WG) – Honey Honey
Park Jung Ah, Baek Ji Young, Jang Yoon Jung, Kim Jong Kook, Kim Jin Ho, Dae Sung – Mama Mia
Min SunYe & Park Ye Eun (WG), Park Jung Ah, Baek Ji Young, Jang Yoon Jung, Kim Jong Kook, Kim Jin Ho, Dae Sung – Dancing Queen + Waterloo

Park Jung Ah(Jewelry) & Wonder Girls – Flying Into The Deep Blue Night

Lee Mun Seh + Big Bang (Kim Gun Mo, Kim Jong Kook, Baek Ji Young, Brown Eyed Girls, Rain, Son Dam Bi, SG Wannabe, MC Mong, Wonder Girls & Jewelry) – Sunset Glow

credit: cutegiurl.wordpress

I don’t know korean but these where what I found.
Again this is only a FEW of the performances.

I’ve listed all ones that WG are included because all my resources are WG resources.

go here for the full list in korean: http://www.soompi.com/forums/index.php?s=&…&p=12042421

As you can clearly see, not ONE SINGLE SM ARTIST seems to be performing. Interesting enough, don’t you agree? I guess we can expect another lame show from KBS. And a heavily Wonder Girls centric show (like SBS had a very Big Bang centered show yesterday, so you know…).

The show begins in less than ONE HOUR.

EDIT: I just got pissed off and deleted everything. Wanna know why? Because as usual, KBS does a crappy job of entertaining the public. It was a lame Gayo show this year, just like last years. Every performance that WASN’T TROT was so incredibly lackluster. Big Bang and Wonder Girls, who are usually good at being lively and energtic, were very boring to watch today *shock shock*. The overall mood could appeal to Korean elders but not the younger generation. It had it’s moments, but they were overshadowed by the sheer lackluster feel of the show. I feel damn sorry for you if you stayed up to watch this. No ifs, and, or buts about it. 2 Down, 1 MORE TO GO! And MBC better not be lame.

EDIT 2: I hate to admit it, but Rain was really good tonight. Ok, good because he was probably the only one with enough energy to perform properly. Good job, Rain. For tonight only, you got an A in my book.

EDIT 3: Big Bang got the energy finally KICKING at the end. All performers took the stage to sing along. This is probably the most energy I’ve seen ALL FRIGGIN NIGHT! TOOK EM LONG ENOUGH! GEEZ.

Ok, I’m in a good enough mood to share some videos that I found online from this lameass gayo.

WonderBang (ish) Intro

Wonder Girls – Survivor

Wonder Girls – Nobody REMIX

Big Bang – Haru Haru Orchestra

Wonder Girls + After School – Survivor + Lose My Breath

Big Bang with Lee Moon Sae – Sunset Glow

Mamma Mia Stage

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