SBS Gayo Daejun 2008

This year’s show had to be run by a bunch of horny 13 year old boys. Either that or a bunch of sexually frustrated 40 year olds. Take your pick. It doesn’t change the fact that  aside from the overtly sexualized female performances, the show was rather boring. I guess it really all depends on what you consider appealing or whatever. Let’s have a rundown of what went down, shall we?

2AM + 2PM Rookie Stage

SHINee Stage

The show kicked off with a 2AM + 2PM + Shinee newbie stage performance! 2PM had a very Star Wars meets ninja warriors dance/act scene that was very…interesting (?) to say the least. Then came 2AM with their remix of their debut single “This Song.” Not exactly my favorite. The remix was odd enough but the weak dance moves were cute enough to have me get over myself. This is why 2AM is the ballad group and not the dance. 2PM came back on stage to perform their debut single “10 Points Out of 10”.  It’s been a while since I’ve seen those outfits. SHINee took the stage last as they performed “Love Like Oxygen“, “AMIGO“, and “Replay“. During their final song, SHINee decided to kiss Park YeJin‘s booty by serenading her to “replay, replay, replay”.

And not to be out-shined with excessive testosterone, the ladies took the stage to perform in their “DIVA” special stage. The ladies that took part? Davichi, Taeyeon of SNSD, and SunYe of the Wonder Girls. Altogether the girls performed their fabulous cover of Destiny’s Child’s “Stand Up For Love.”

DIVA Stage – Stand Up For Love

If you’re a fan of trot, well, the next few parts are for you. Seeing as how I’m not into trot, I’ll leave it to the video to do the talking. Big Bang’s DaeSung also performed his own trot song as well.

Trot Stage

If you got passed the trot, SBS wanted to treat you to a job well done! So, Kara took the stage next with a Christmas-y sounding remix to their latest single “Pretty Girl” in a Playboy bunny inspired get-up. Cabaret much? Boys, I know you’re happy.

Kara – Pretty Girl

And on another stage were the Brown Eyed Girls to cool off the boys of course. The girls performed a remix for their hit single “L.O.V.E.”

Brown Eyed Girls – L.O.V.E. Remix

Oh hohohoh, last but definitely not least, Jewelry took the stage with a sexy pole dancing number for their remix to their hit single “One More Time“.  What started off as a pole dancing routine drifted off to an almost lesbian interation, then cooled down to a rave party. It’s all good, ladies. Then all three groups came on and performed a dance break. Nice.

Jewelry – One More Time Remix + Dance Break

After a couple of boring interviews, FT Island was on. I’ve got to say, after the boys spent some time in Japan, they’re not the same. Uhm, honestly, the make-up isn’t working for me. And apparently, HongKi’s voice wasn’t working for him either. To make up for HongKi’s mess-ups, Son Dambi performed her sexy chair dance song, “Crazy“. It was a pretty tame performance until two ladies who called themselves the “Playgirls” rapped their way on stage. After leaving a lasting impression on the crowd and as well as each other, I’m sure, things cooled down once more.

FT Island – After Love + Son Dambi – Crazy

Then came the Soshibang drama! It featured SNSD‘s TaeYeon and Yuri and Big Bang‘s DaeSung and Seungri. Compared to last years, I felt that this one was a weak. All biases aside, I personally felt that Yuri looked pretty good in that french maid outfit (LOL!) Anywho, gotta love a drama where two guys end up going gay for one another.

Soshibang Drama

Let’s not forget the overly hyped piano battle between Big Bang‘s TaeYang and DBSK‘s Junsu. If you get passed the Engrish, it wasn’t that bad. Just boring…unless of course you’re an avid fan. Personally, TaeYang did ok, but I still prefer it when 2PM‘s NichKhun performs the song.

Piano Battle: TaeYang – Don’t Wanna Try No More + Junsu – My Everything

And for all you fangirls out there, SBS set up a special dance battle featuring your favorite eye candies! Yunho represented DBSK, Taemin represented SHINee, Seungri (he’s just everywhere isn’t he?) represented Big Bang, JaeBum represented 2PM, and EunHyuk represented Super Junior.

Dance Battle

WONDER BOYS ARE BACK! And better than ever! Sorta LOL. Taemin of SHINee, Jo Kwon of 2AM (who had sprained his ankle prior to this performance and still performed anyway. What a trooper.), SungMin and Shindong of Super Junior, and Seungri of Big Bang performed Nobody and Kissing You. As you can see from the crowd, the Wonder Girls are very amused 😀

Wonder Boys – Kissing You + Nobody

Always full of shits and giggles, ShinDong and the rest of Super Junior Happy performed a Michael Jackson version of Pajama Party. Yes, Pajama Party. Did anyone else ROFL when they got it? Anywho, SG Wannabe popped up outta nowhere to perform a (You guessed it!) remix-ish version of their song “La la la”.

Super Junior Happy – Pajama Party Remix + SG Wannabe – La la la

Eun Ji Won, Epik High, Miryo, and Brown Eyed Girls‘ Ga In performed “Where is the Love?” Epik High sure likes covering this song.

Then came the bangin’ hip hop stage featuring Dynamic Duo and Big Bang‘s G-Dragon and TOP.

Dynamic Duo + TOP and G-Dragon – STAND UP

Finally, Kim Jong Kook and Mikey (?) took the stage. To see this performance, you’re gonna have to see the near end part of the video.

And with nothing but bias, my personal favorites, the Wonder Girls were not to be out-shined in the least bit. The ladies probably shocked the audience with their outrageous blonde wigs with Marie Antoinette inspired outfits. Seriously, if you were like WTF, don’t worry about it. I’m with ya there. I found little to no point in having that beginning part except for maybe a few laughs on my part, but hey, it’s what performers do. The girls went behind the curtain to reveal themselves no longer dressed in those dresses, but wearing some military-ish outfits with shorts of course. Girls need to show of their sexiness as well, ya know?
Anyone recall the Wonder Girls 5 in 1 Nobody remix performance a few weeks ago at the Golden Disk Awards? Sunmi’s and perhaps even Sohee’s remix were used in this performance and damn did it look good. The girls sang and danced with more edge than I’ve seen them do recently and let me tell ya, I liked it. Like literally, if the commando outfits didn’t tell ya to pay attention, their moves did. Very proud of the girls for always staying innovative with their performances.

Wonder Girls – Nobody REMIX

Once again, in order to watch this video, you’re gonna need to go near the end and find it. Seo Taiji performed elsewhere with enough pink to make you believe he was opening for a SNSD concert or something.

Seo Taiji Solo Stage

And like all the other music shows this year, SBS followed the trend of kissing some major Big Bang booty! I’m not complaining, that’s for sure. The boys performed OH AH OH (Oh how I hate that song), Seungri performed Strong Baby (I thought he got enough of Hyori’s ass at MKMF, but he obviously wanted more. And he definitely got more), and Heaven (got enough fur there, GD?).

Big Bang Stage

Then came Rain‘s stage. Always the entertainer, Rain performed a medley of his songs that I’m just too lazy to list right now. Just enjoy his stage presence as he’s going to be away for a while. I’ve got to admit, the rain falling during his “Love Song” was a nice touch.

Rain’s Stage

No show would be complete without DBSK! The boys performed Wrong Number and a remix for Mirotic. And as if the boys were already amazingly hot as it is, they decided to become manly men and give the middle finger to the government as they sang Mirotic with the lyrics “under my skin” and not “under my sky.” How badass.

DBSK’s Stage – Wrong Number + Mirotic

But it doesn’t end with them. Oh no. BoA!!! She’s BACKK!!!! Missed her right? After continuously spreading her embarrassing songs across America, she decided to kick some ass in Korea to get her self esteem back on track. BoA, to me, you’re still pretty hot. She performed “Eat U Up” and “Look Who’s Talking”. The ever vigilant performer, BoA proved that she is indeed the Best of Asia. Hell, her accent even got better. Now that’s hot.

BoA’s Stage – Eat U Up + Look Who’s Talking

Explosive finish, but overall, the show was still draggy. If only Hyori was well enough to perform. It was a really empty show without her. Up next, KBS.

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