JYP’s Using His Noggin

If you get passed the face, you get to know the genius behind it. Park Jin Young is the man behind the Wonder Girls sensation, as you all know already. And as you all should know already as well, JYP has some big and sketchy plans for his wonder babies when they come to the states next year around late February to early March.

So where does JYP expect to get his income with his cash cows gone for a well deserved rest in the states? No offense to the rest of the JYP family, but they’re still newbies in the Kpop world, so they have yet to earn as much as their sunbae group. But JYP isn’t vexed by his babies’ leave of absence from the Kpop scene. Not at all.

In fact, JYP’s branch company, Cube Entertainment, plans to debut a 3 member girl group in March. Oh well, how convenient for them! Just when the Wonder Girls are away! And speaking of the Wonder girls, ex-Wonder Girl Kim Hyuna is the only official member announced so far. There is speculation that Gina Choi and Jang SoHee will be joining her. They also plan on being a dance group. Perhaps a really sexy dance group?

As for me, well, I guess JYP’s pretty confident that this girl group will do really well. I mean, when the Wonder Girls are away, who will take their place to give Koreans a new dance and song to learn? If JYP intends to actually make real dance routines for this girl group to follow, he’ll be attracting an entirely different audience. He really can go one of two ways with this girl group and here we are left to speculate what the gorilla’s got in mind.

He can make them very different from the Wonder Girls. When I hear “dance genre” I expect it. I expect some intense moves and music to match. Hyuna was a very competent dancer herself, so come on. OR (!!) JYP can be completely unoriginal and make this trio some cheap Wonder Girls substitute while the real ones are off taking on acting roles in the US (This is speculation). But who really wants that? JYP doesn’t want to pull an “SM” on Korea, or at least he better not.

Well, I guess we’ll have to wait until 2009, won’t we? It’ll be the clash of the girl groups once again. SNSD is finally making their comeback with a mini album (no longer that album that they stated earlier this year). YG’s entering the fray with their own set of 4 ladies. Heck, even Rain’s got some girl trio. So since the Wonder Girls are away, I guess I can settle for this.

2 responses to “JYP’s Using His Noggin

  1. looks like Kara is starting to be a strong contender! they are actually being invited to events now, they’ve reached a level of exhaustion that had all of them pass out at the same time!!! hahah (i still love u kara <3) so SNSD has to fight for the cute crown with them…YG and Cube groups are gonna fight for the “badass” tittle….damn, this will be interesting…WG will be missed, but I will be having so much fun seeing all these girl groups at each other’s throats…

    tsk…JYP is a genius, never doubt mi hombre…how many times do I have to tell you, “he knows what he is doing”?…. WG will stir away from their catchy songs/addictive dance moves after Nobody…so he can pretty much do whatever he wants with the new group…since WG ain’t looking back….

  2. coolsmurf is gone…… i’m really saddddddddddddddddd!!!
    feels like the fandom is changing……*cies under the covers*

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