I don’t even want to start talking about how that name makes me go HA HA! Seriously, Big Bang should feel insulted. This group is StarEast Entertainment’s cheap rip-off of YG’s Big Bang. Check out their debut MV.

Didn’t that just scream Big Bang to you? Well, before they went all happy go lucky with Sunset Glow. How low budget was that MV? Ouch, almost as bad on the eyes as it was for the ears.

Anyway, the group consists of 4 guys and a girl. Interesting line up. And to make things interesting enough, Ryeowook of Super Junior has a cousin in the group, so you can expect him to attempt promoting this group.

Ugh, they don’t appeal to me in anyway, but if they happen to appeal to you, you can catch their debut on the 17th of December on Park Sae Min’s radio.

5 responses to “Vanhaja?

  1. lol in order for Ryeowook to promote this, he has to promote himself!! haha…he is pretty much being kept in one of daddy SM’s secret cave…

    ROFL AT VAGINAS!!!!! lol…yeah, i’m just that immature…i felt the same way as you..BB wannabes

  2. there music is cool o.o not stupid .
    that song remind me of big bang ..
    but i like it..
    and if ryeowook support this group,.. let him do that o.o
    they arent bad .. and there are more groups with the same style as big bang o.o

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