Super Size Me

As I’m sure most have you have learned by now, sexy Wonder Girls member, Kim Yoobin, has been getting some heat from netizens about her weight gain. How queer.

Phew, it’s been a while! It’s exam week, so I’m even slower than usual. Please forgive me.

Now, I’m well aware that to be in the industry, one is expected to maintain a sexy figure that will appeal to men and women. “Sexy” in America has become more lenient in that we have come to embrace all shapes and sizes. Korea, on the other hand, still seems to be trapped in the dark ages. I realize that in Korea, they consider stick skinny females to be the archetype for all forms of sexy and beauty blah blah blah. Sorry, but I have a problem with that. I thoroughly believe that these netizens that have enough balls to criticize anyone about their weight are probably lardasses themselves and fugly to boot. And if they’re not, well good for them, but it’s not like they’re actually famous or anything.

When one enters the biz, one is expected to maintain an image. Understandable enough. If we’re going to pay you to be whoever you are, at least do the job and look the job. When they’re paying you to maintain a sexy image, you are expected to maintain it, regardless of what you feel. Fair enough, right? But to call someone “fat” because they don’t fit your standards of sexy is incredibly unfair. Talk about a slow news day, people. If they consider stick skinny people as attractive because of their “S-line” figures, then I get confused. Sorry, but there’s nothing tantalizing about a stick. Let’s say I’m a normal guy and I was given a choice of one of two girls: One skinny girl that fits the Asian standard of sexy and one girl that’s curvy enough to appeal to Americans and intelligent Asians. If I were that normal guy, I’d go for both the girl that seems healthier.

Yes you can be skinny and healthy, but there’s very little to no appeal. If I’m going to be banging a girl (LOL) I’d like to feel like I won’t crush her because she’s so tiny. I’d like to be able to realize “OH MY GOD! She has an actual butt and boobs!” I don’t know about you, but I’d feel like a pedo if I were to bang them skinny girls with their lack of assets. To judge someone simply by their weight and not by what they contribute to a group with their talents says a lot about Koreans and their expectations of idols and their image. I’d love for Koreans to embrace BOOBS and ASSES. Well, ok I’m sure they have, but you know what I mean. For once, I’m pretty happy to know that Americans aren’t complete idiots. Americans can still find beauty and appeal in those women that aren’t stick skinny or drop dead gorgeous. That’s respectable. Till the rest of the world comes to embrace that, I don’t think I’ll be satisfied. I’ll probably die waiting.

Folks, stupidity and shallowness are just some of the reasons behind bulimia and anorexia, heck, even to depression and suicide. I can’t justify that depression and stress due to maintaining an image is the reason behind Korea’s increasing suicide rate, but I’m sure it’s a main factor for everyone (especially the women) in the entertainment industry. Netizens, get over yourselves. I don’t see you guys displaying your fugliness for the world to criticize, so what makes you think you have any right to do the same for those that have no choice but to display their faults for the world to see?

Kim YooBin, you’re still one sexy commodity. If you’re fat, I’m a beluga whale.


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