FT Island is Prettier…

…Than their so called female counterparts. They go by the name of “Burning-L” (L being short for ‘Ladies’). Story behind the name? Well, these ladies want to introduce Korea to beauty and victorious music.

The band consists of:

Da Hyeon (20, Vocals)

Sun Joo (23, Guitar)

Hyo Eun (21, Drums)

Shi Woo (21, Base)

Aside from the crappy name, I’ll be looking forward to their debut. I mean, girls plus guitars and a drum set? That’s a really refreshing image compared to all that make up, skimpy clothing, and choreographed dancing crap Korea’s overflowing with. Since all these girl groups intend on debuting in the new year, I hope these ladies can live up to their “Female FT Island” title and stand up for themselves among the idol wannabes.

Though, I was hoping their management company would be smart enough to realize calling an upcoming group (especially female groups) a newer/fresher/male/female version of another group is just a failure waiting to happen.

4 responses to “FT Island is Prettier…

  1. THE NAME IS SO WRONG!!! hahahaha

    So we got Female BB
    Female Ft
    and few years back Female DBSK
    Unofficial female Suju
    Female SG Wannabe

    When will the make Male . . . ??

    Btw they look like any other girl group, but with instruments..outfits, make up and all… not looking forward to this..looooool

  2. urm….i dont know if im looking 4ward 2 dis but..
    dey look old!!
    yup!!FT Island is prettier n greater.

    if its under F&C i will support lorh!
    n dey dont look like bitchy…hehe

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