FT Island Thinks You’re the One

FT is releasing their latest Japanese mini album in December 17! Here are the details:

Title : The One (CD+DVD)

Track List:

1. The One (4’03)
– written, composed by Shusui, Family Business
arranged by Yoshihiko Chino

2. Life Like a Musical (3’54)
– written by Shusui & FTIsland
composed by Shusui, Axel Bellinder, Stefan Engblom
arranged by Sadahiro Nakano

3. You’ll Be In My Heart (3’33)
– written by KIM JAEYANG & FTIsland
composed by Shusui, Anton Malmberg, Felix Persson
arranged by Jun Ichikawa

Price : ¥1,890 (incl. tax)
credits: yahooblog jp + zcandyflossz@soompi

You fangirls excited? After seeing the boys turn into emo basketballers in their last Korean single, the boys felt that they needed to stop lying to themselves and show their true colors in a combination of Konglish and sensitive guitar playing lover! How romantic. And talk about a 180!

One response to “FT Island Thinks You’re the One

  1. Love, love the song! I have been wishing for more English songs from them and what an early x-mas gift from them!

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