Another Award Show, Another Fan War

Seriously. The saying “You can’t please everybody” is personified in Korean pop music fandom. It’s disgusting.

Fans need to get over themselves. No really, it’ll be an equivalent to gaining world peace. And just like gaining world peace, maintaining peace among the fandoms in the world of Kpop is virtually impossible as long as idiots that talk before thinking continue to roam around the planet and surf the web like the mindless dipshits that they are.  It’s really getting annoying to witness these things.

So MKMF 2008 was held just last month in November. Good show! Probably the fairest that show has been in all its years of existence and yet you still have fans bitching about how “their” artist deserved the award more than the artist that actually received the award. Well excuse me, but who died and made the fans the lawful authority that decided who won and who didn’t?

For example, what I found to be the most annoying thing about the aftermath of MKMF 08 was that the majority of DBSK fans were terribly shocked and displeased with the results! OH MY GOD ARE YOU SERIOUS?! The boys got like 5 awards and a Daesang and THEY’RE STILL DISPLEASED?! How do you think the fans of those artists that went home with SQUAT felt? I think fans (and not necessarily DBSK fans) just like hearing the sound of their own voices rather than the actual material that comes out of their mouths. In the end, these fans just seem stupid, selfish, and incredibly parochial.

And it doesn’t end there, folks. Golden Disk Awards 2008 were held just last night! Even PRIOR to the airing of the actual event, YG Entertainment released information stating that Big Bang would be a no show to the awards. This basically meant that Big Bang would not get any awards for the evening. Surprise, surprise. They won NOTHING! And now that the awards are over and DBSK bagged the Disk Daesang and Jewelry bagged the Digital Daesang, VIPs are quick to defend their no-show boys.

Apparently the mature thing to do is to downplay the legitimacy of the award show and criticizing the artist that won the award that your artist apparently deserves. What are we, FIVE?! Get over the fact that your artist LOST! Just be a good sport and be happy for the artist that won because essentially, when fans state that their artists DESERVED the award means nothing. ALL THE ARTISTS DESERVE ANY AWARD THEY ARE NOMINATED FOR, otherwise why were they even nominated to begin with?

So yeah, it’s not surprise that I like the Wonder Girls. I was totally rooting for them to win the Digital Daesang this year, but obviously that got shot to hell when Jewelry was announced to have won. Do you see me complaining? Do you hear me screaming “JEWELRY DID NOT DESERVE THIS! GOLDEN DISKS ARE A JOKE! HOW THE EFF DID THE WGS NOT WIN!?!?!”  No, you don’t. Frankly, I would never degrade myself for the sake of my fandom. That’s just sad. Can’t some people just realize that yes, your artist did deserve the award, but the winner obviously deserved it MORE according to the award show’s standards.

Cassiopeia, chill. Just because your boys didn’t take ALL the awards home like they did in ’06 doesn’t mean they’re not as good. CHILL.

VIPs, because your boys didn’t get ONE award at this show doesn’t mean it’s the end of the world. IT’S ONE FRIGGIN AWARD!

To all fandoms, get over yourselves and just appreciate the damn entertainment without the drama. This isn’t high school anymore. Grow up.


2 responses to “Another Award Show, Another Fan War

    Fanwar….I tried to understand it, get my people together, but looked like it was a waste of time… Now I’m actually enjoying seeing idiots argue over who deserved what… All I know is my girl gave a great show and looked dazzling…I actually underestimated Jewerly and it feels good to get a little reality check and humble oneself….

  2. LOL

    I totally knew it was going to Jewelry xD I tried to refrain from being a total jackass on the chatbox by saying that our girls weren’t going to get it

    Oh breezy boo, how i miss u

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