Big Bang Chickens Out

That’s what some people are saying after the official list of attendees for the 2008 Golden Disk Awards was released.

Here’s the confirmed guest list:

Of Shinhwa – Minwoo, JunJin, and HyeSung

Jang Yoonjung


Son Hooyoung


Wonder Girls




F.T. Island

MC Mong


Da vinci

Lee Hyunji

Moon Chaewon

Andrew Kim

Here’s the list for those not attending:

Big Bang


Seo Taeji

Epik High



Kim Dongyul

Dynamic Duo


Sung Shigyung



VIPs speculate it’s because of their performances for Hyori’s upcoming solo concert. Others just don’t know. I’m with the latter. YG is notorious for pulling their artists out of these kinds of award shows when their artists won’t win anything. No award, no artist. Simple as that.

Remember in the good ol’ ’06 when Big Bang was still the new kids on the block? Well, at that time, YG pretty much hated on every award show for snubbing their Big babies from taking home any awards. But then 2007 came along and YG definitely ate his own words. How annoying.

Are we right to speculate that’s the case? Maybe. Golden Disk is pretty legit with their awards and it’s not strictly based off of fan votes, but concentrates on album sales, playtime, etc. So if that’s the case, Big Bang is probably one of the best contenders from those nominated for anything at all. With VIPs by their side, Big Bang has gained sales that equal those of DBSK.

Eh, I guess I’ll be bored watching later, but whatever. I might be in for a pleasant surprise.

One response to “Big Bang Chickens Out

  1. according to soompiers (yeah…), the statement said they weren’t performing, not that they weren’t attending…bleh…it would suck if they don’t go…no Wonderbang…no 17 siblings…as long as my girl take home the digital daesang i’m all good…

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