Pray for Cube Entertainment

As always, I’m a week too late or whatever on K-news. Sorry. Finals are coming up and these next few days are going to be a major stick up my ass. Please be patient with me.

Anyway, so Cube Entertainment. Uh who? It’s a sub/branch/partner entertainment company to JYPE. You might have heard of some of their artists. 2AM and Mario. Any of those names ring a bell?

Don’t worry if they don’t because quite frankly, Cube Entertainment does a really crappy job of promoting and managing their merchandise, but they think they have a chance at breaking through the music industry by debuting a girl group. Not just any girl group, either.

This group will feature that hottie from 2PM’s “10 Points Out of 10” MV, Gina Choi, the ex-Wonder Girl, Kim Hyuna, and the replaced pre-Wonder Girl, Jang SoHee, plus an unknown fourth member. Wooo doggy! That’s some hot shit in there! However, with so much talent in that group, all I fear is that they’ll be so poorly managed that they’ll end up being overshadowed by the 2309487234 other girl groups debuting or making their comeback soon (I.E. SNSD, White Angels, Female Big Bang, Rain’s girl group, etc.). I mean look what happened to 2AM this year with all the boy group debuts.

Cube Entertainment, take advantage of the fact that the Wonder Girls will be leaving soon. Try not to embarrass JYP anymore with the crappy work that you do with all the talent that you have under your management. Then again, if this ends up being like another Wonder Girls, count me out. I am king of hoping that these girls will have an edgier concept to them, considering you have a hottie with all the goods and *I’m assuming* 2 really great dancers.

One response to “Pray for Cube Entertainment

  1. this is a rumor…. if it happens, I’ll support them of course… Jang Seo Hee goes way back man…I’m happy for her… Of course Gina and Hyuna are my babies…

    2AM….such gems….sigh

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