Triple Wonder? Wonder S?

2007 was all about the WonderBang. 2008 introduced the world to WonderDay (most noteably, during the MKMF). But, there’s more?

I’m sure all you religious We Got Married viewers tuned in during the last weeks of HyunJoong & Hwang Bo’s appearance as a couple on the show. And I’m also sure that you saw that the two decided to set up a blind date for SS501 members KyuJong and HyungJoon and Wonder Girls members YeEun and YooBin.

More at Wondersmurf’s youtube page.

And apparently, after the recording of the show, KyuJong and Yoobin exchanged digits!

But the interaction does not end there! The girls were also recording Star Golden Bell with the boys (11/22/08).

And now we’ve got them together on Introducing Star’s Friend.

I’m not purposefully trying to start a scandal (LOL!), but this is just too much fun to pass up. Special stage anyone? What great timing, right? KyuJong and HyungJoon (along with fellow member YoungSaeng) are currently promoting their new single “Ur Man” in their new subgroup, Triple S. The Wonder Girls are finally putting an end to their “Nobody” promotional activites, but before they go…you never know. Guess everyone just wants a piece of the Wonder Girls.

4 responses to “Triple Wonder? Wonder S?

  1. my two babies together….too bad they don’t have that explosive chemistry like they do with Wonderbang…plus joongbo is totally the trend right now… T.T…WGM is hands down one of the best variety show from this year,

    Anyways, my babies all look so cute…
    Young Saeng ah~~!! come to mama!!!!

    YA! Chansung is also going on ISF…u should always mention when there is some wonderday love going on

  2. LOL, chansung’s a playa.

    He’s on radio shows with yoobin and tango-ing the night away with park oppa ❤

    breezy booooooooo

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