Kara’s Back!

…Sorta. The girls have a new image!

Less cutesy, thank God. I’m glad the girls are dressing their age. Changing concepts/images is finally working for someone in the Kpop world! Honestly, after “Rock U” came out this summer, I was so turned off by their image and sound that I chose to ignore Kara. It didn’t help that Sung Hee left either (TT___TT). They even released another single, but that fell on deaf ears. However, the optimist in me chooses to believe that Kara will redeem themselves. After being snubbed from being nominated for anything at this year’s MKMF, I hope the girls come back with a song that will woo me over! I miss liking Kara. I have faith in DSP and the girls!

Gotta love the Kpop industry and their constant changing of concepts. ForĀ  me, it’s a love/hate relationship. Some groups end up having lovely images that bring in the fans by truckloads and others get the short end of the stick. And with new images comes a sense of daring for both the artists and the company. What if they make the wrong concept change and ruin it for the non-die-hard fans? Sure, not every concept will be shot down. For every person turned off by the concept, another person will make up for it by enjoying the “fresh” change.

Since we’re talking about Kara, let’s stick with them. They started off edgy and sexy. I’m sure guys everywhere LOVED that. Kara’s debut single was “Break It”, a very in your face break-up track that I’m sure all feminists claimed as their anthem. So of course, the whole “I AM WOMAN, HEAR ME ROAR!” and “Bitch, I don’t need a man!” mentality always looks great in the eyes of us females, so they appealed to the ladies as well.

Then “Rock U” came along. Goodbye female empowerment, hello…ya… Kara’s summer comeback brought in a lot of mixed views. I’m guessing some people were like me and wished they’d stick to sexy/edgy rather than succumb to the whole “cute” trend. With groups like SNSD and Sweety pretty much owning the whole “cute” scene, I wasn’t ready for another one. Looking on both sides of the argument, there are a lot of groups out there that did the whole “sexy” thing as well (I.E. Jewelry, The Grace, etc.). With the release and promotion of “Rock U”, I’m sure people inflicted with the dreaded Lolita Complex were quite pleased. Hello, new fans!

So now, the girls are coming with a new image? Perhaps a happy medium from two extremes? If it’s so, hell, I’ll be the happiest I’ve been for Kara since they stopped promoting “Rock U”.


One response to “Kara’s Back!

  1. LOL @ sweety owning the cute image!! hahahaah..
    (funniest thing you’ve ever written..seriously)

    Kara? i can’t start, i won’t be able to stop myself…Seung Yeon looks gorgeous on the teaser though.

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