Don’t Cheat

You’ll go to jail! Well, that is, if you are married in Korea. Here’s the original article:

Actress Ok So-ri’s current adultery case, because South Korean law is one subject that I freely admit is beyond me. But the news has hit the international newswire, so here we go:

The 39-year-old Ok, who enjoyed most of her popularity in the ’90s (her last film was 1996’s Karuna), admitted to having an affair. That alone was scandalous enough, but in Korea, adultery is still a criminal offense. Korea’s adultery rate is high, but rarely is it actually prosecuted. (Imagine the overcrowding of prisons were that true!) However, a 55-year-old adultery law has enabled Ok’s husband to press charges. Ok has attempted to overturn the law, but the prosecution is now looking to send her to jail. TO JAIL. FOR ADULTERY.

Reuters says:

“South Korean enacted its adultery law more than 50 years ago to protect women who had few rights in the male-dominated society but critics say now it is a draconian measure no longer fit for a country with an advanced civil and family court system. …Last month, the Constitutional Court said adultery damaged the social order and therefore was a criminal offence.”

source: dramabeans

Let me establish my thoughts before I actually go on to say something. I rarely decide to post things like this here, so I’m relishing the moment.

It’s kind of funny how Korea needs a law to keep married couples from cheating on one another and staying married. Doesn’t that just add to the thrill of cheating? (Don’t listen to me! THERE’S NO THRILL IN BEING BAD!!!! God, who am I kidding?)

So, I have no idea who the actress is, but it makes no difference. Yes, cheating/adultery has always been regarded as a big no-no in society, especially if one is married. I don’t understand why one becomes inclined to commit adultery after one gets married. Why get married in the first place? I’m not married yet, so heck if I know.

This law is bleh. If it were actually enforced, prisons would be overcrowded. I lost faith in true love and “happily ever after” a long time ago due to the steady deterioration of society’s morals and a steady increase in society’s stupidity. It’s a gamble with the law, love, and marriage. There are many people in Korea (I’m assuming) that are more than up for this gamble and still have not been caught by the law. Going to jail for adultery seems so ludicrous to me. If people are stupid enough to cheat on their spouse, yes they should be punished, but jail? Come on! If you’re married in Korea, don’t cheat and get caught or it’s bye bye for you!


2 responses to “Don’t Cheat

  1. The husband just sounds bitter, yo. He’s like, “You cheat on me? WELL IMMA LAND YOU IN JAIL, BISH!!” And meanwhile she can’t do anything about it because Korea’s got all these fricking old laws that should be done away with.

    And someone once said “Once a cheater, always a cheater,” or something like that. If this law was being enforced all the time, what are the chances that there’ll be people in jail FOR LIFE cuz they have commitment issues? They’ll keep getting out and just getting back in. n__n

  2. the most ridiculous thing I’ve ever heard… the law has to be changed…and the husband needs to stop being such a sissy…so she cheated?? TAKE HER MONEY! KEEP THE HOUSE! don’t send her to jail, where taxpayers have to pay for your bitterness…

    shes also a real dumbass for cheating, when she knew her husband was such an asshole…she could’ve figured out where she was going to land…

    is the lover going to jail with her?

    will this case ever end? its been going on since last year…


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