SNSD Plays It Safe

When the biggest Idol groups are away, SNSD finally comes out to play! Man that was sooo effin’ cheesy.

These 9 notorious ladies have been remaining relatively silent for 8+ months now. We’re all waiting for them to finally make their move back into the Kpop scene with their 2nd album, which was supposed to come out in October/November/whatever! Who can keep track anymore since they keep pushing it back?

Papa SM shows his businessman prowess by letting the girls make their comeback once heavy hitters like Big Bang and Wonder Girls are away from the scene and onto America. Smart move, SM. Probably the smartest move you’ve made in a loooooong time. It may be a cheap move, but it’s a good one. And businessmen like LSM can’t complain with that. When number one can’t be taken away from you by anyone that’s not within the company, you take the opportunity to dominate, and that’s what SM likes to believe he’s best at. After chickening out of the girls comeback around the same time the Wonder Girls came back, it just proves to show that SM (with as much as he’s already done for the girls) doesn’t seem to have much faith in them. Or it might just be my views on that and Lord knows how biased I can be.

I mean, after all the drama, the girls need a fresh start. I guess SM thought that by having the girls just vanish into thin air for the longest time, the mistakes could be undone. Besides, all those panty-thirsty ahjussis need their eye candy! He could be right and I for one don’t even care the slightest bit anymore.

Hopefully YG’s latest girl group can show them a thing or two. Heck, even Rain’s girl group can prove to be a challenge if Rain decides to not be all talk for once.

And seriously, with all these setbacks, this album of theirs better be damn good.

One response to “SNSD Plays It Safe

  1. LOL haha i agree.this album better be damn good.
    why? because why would we wait for so long for their comeback and they don’t give us back a great album? 😛

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