DaeSung is a Ladies’ Man

I’m baaaacckkkk. Bet you’re cringing in your seats!

So anyway, Big Bang’s DaeSung is apparently quite popular with the ladies and those of female idols groups, no less! You know something’s up when a face like that is attracting the ladies. On ‘Family Outing’, our big banger revealed that he exchanges text messages with some idol group members of the fairer sex.

When asked who the unlucky lady/ladies were, DaeSung chose to avoid the topic to perhaps cover up a lie? His fellow cast mates are now totally in wonder as to what his relationships are with these ladies. Romantic or not, DaeSung insisted that these 2-texts-per-day messages were simply out of encouragement. Wow, the man even has a limit!

Right. Keep telling yourself that, DaeSung. Whatever helps you get through the day. I mean, with a face like that, I probably wouldn’t help but be in denial as well. If only you were as attractive as Minwoo…

Sorry for the brief hiatus, folks. Last week, I decided to travel to the east coast (which is ridiculously FREEZING right now, by the way) to visit some of my tentative colleges for the upcoming year.  I’m transfering, just in case you were wondering. Wish me luck!


5 responses to “DaeSung is a Ladies’ Man

  1. ya know… according to the the big bang documentary thing before they debuted… daesung supposedly had the biggest group of fangirls already lol and he was let into the group partly for that reason

    there were some girls who came to their building and gave him presents on his birthday or something like that lol

    and heyyy… east coast ftw! also UF ftw! r u looking at ivy league schools or something?

  2. LOL, ya I know. It’s fun to poke fun tho =] I guess being funny has it’s perks.

    ROFL heck no to ivy league. I’m not smart =P

    TIMMMMMMM ❤ i miss u =[

  3. I dnt want to overreact but I was a bit disappointed with the tone of this article. The author might be joking and all (and I’m sorry if a might havtaken this too seriously) but it jst seems that the article is taking shots at far, being sarcasticand all. Sure, far is not good-looking but I DONT find it hard to believe that as is a ladies’ man.. Not all girls are all about looks,u know. Not everyone is that shallow.. The author assumes immediately day far is lying.. Sorry for the rant. Not looking 4 trouble, jst sum thots on d matter

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