Mission Accomplished

I’ve been over the moon this entire week. Today just settled it for me. It’s almost 6 AM here in beautiful California and I’ve been up for about 4+ hours. Doing what? Why, watching the 2008 MKMF’s, of course.

I hate staying up late just to watch stupid variety shows and dramas on my computer. It’s not worth it sacrificing valuable sleep time to watch something I can just download later. Tonight, however, was a great exception. At first, I wasn’t going to watch the whole thing (from the Red Carpet to the closing ceremony) because I was pretty much predicting a Big Bang + DBSK show off and like one award for my favorites, the Wonder Girls. Ho ho ho, how pleasantly surprised I was.

Last year’s MKMF’s sucked. Boring, poorly planned, and just outright “blah”. This years was the complete opposite. There were just so many aspects of the award show that I just loved, I swear it’ll take me at least an hour or two just to refrain from fangirling.

So anyway, the whole awards show had this set feeling that it would be a Big Bang + DBSK showdown. Essentially, that’s what it was. But as the night progressed, I started to care less and realize, what the hey, everything is fair game here (even if it is MNet), so I won’t go into this anticipating just to get disappointed in the end. Starting with the Red carpet, things were just falling into place. You got a glimpse of the stars, their outfits, and the usual “Are you excited for this evening?” sort of deal. The real losers of the night were furry little critters hanging off the necks and arms of our favorite artists. Fur just seemed to be everywhere on the red carpet. The International Anti-Fur Coalition would probably faint at the site. Anyways, I’m not really an expert on the whole fashion scene, so I won’t waste your time with my thoughts. (I would, however, like to say that Hyori looked ravishing as she strutted her stuff down that carpet.) Let’s move on to the actual awards night!

I have to say, there were many surprises throughout the night. Good surprises. VERY good surprises. Let’s start with the performances. I have to admit, tonight’s performances were truly nothing close to an eyesore! All the performances kept me fangirling off the face of the earth (some more so than others, but hey). I think the trend for the evening was “Rock meets Kpop”. The opening act of the night was actor turned rocker, Lee Min Ki. I must say, that man should never ever where guyliner, ever again. Or try to rock out. But it was a very amusing way to kick off the awards ceremony!

I’ll be jumping around since I’m working on like 2 hours of sleep.

Then throughout the show, we’ve got Moon Hee Jun leading off the newbie boy group special for this year’s MKMF! Screw the dance battle the newbie girls did last year. This year, it’s all about rocking and belting out your angry testosterone for all the world to see! Was it cool? Eh, Moon Hee Jun bugs me, but I did enjoy the performance. Jo Kwon, with his feminine self, shocked me (for the most part) as he screamo-ed his way to the front during the special stage! Jonghyun represented Shinee and Eli represented U-Kiss. And my favorite of the bunch, the representative of 2PM, was Park JaeBum. What a sexy beast, rapping and singing screamo like a sexy leader should! Ok, time to get a grip. I was kind of hoping that the guys chosen from each group would do something similar to the girls from last year, and dance for a girl (LOL). Obviously, God doesn’t love me enough to answer my prayers.

The special stages were truly creative this year! I’ve got to hand it to Mnet for thinking up the weirdest things! Jewelry and Brown Eyed Girls did a special stages with their hit songs “Baby One More Time” and “How Come”. But it’s not just special stage. The girls decided to show a sexier, dirtier, more dominatrix side to their routines! And the songs were not to be outdone, either. We had a rock mix of BOTH the songs! Did I happen to like them? Hell yes! For some reason, I really loved these versions. Sexy works for Brown Eyed Girls and we’ve all always known that it’s worked for Jewelry. I felt like getting down and dirty with those girls on stage throughout their performance!

Any fans of Coffee Prince out there? Well, we’ve got the ahjussi prince from the show (our very own rocker turned actor) jamming on stage with Epik High! Honestly, I was wondering “What the hell?” It started off really awkward, but it managed to pull through by the end. Probably the most interesting part of the later half of the performance was when Mithra decided to pull up the Shinee boys (and all the other boy groups followed suite) on stage. But obviously, that wasn’t enough people on stage! You had balloons everywhere, a belly dancer, and clowns. Yes, clowns. It was a special stage turned carnival. It just so happens that by the end, I got really ADD and stopped watching for a second. Good energy, though! It’s always fun watching Tablo on stage.

SG Wannabe sang live in Japan as well. They performed their song “La La La” and another one, I do believe. There was another guy, in Korea this time, that sang along with them, but I have no idea who he is. Sorry about that. There was another guy (once again, I had no idea who) that performed. The song was beautiful, but when the camera caught off camera moments of the artists, they were all giggles. Wish I knew what was so funny…

DBSK did not disappoint with their performance of “Mirotic”. Seriously, every time I hear that song, it makes me wish they were still promoting it. I’m not a big fan of “Wrong Number.” Rain was the final act of the night, performing his string of hits from back in his days at JYP to his latest hit Rainism. He did fangirls everwhere proud by taking that shirt off for just a brief second. He also proved that he had mad Jesus skills by walking on water! Rain is quite the entertainer, that’s for sure, and I’m thoroughly delighted to have him end MKMF with such a powerful performance.

Probably the most explosive stage of the night was BIG BANG AND LEE HYORI! Things started off just right with Tae Yang and Hyori’s duet rendition of “Only Look at Me”. Tae Yang better be thanking Jesus that he’s a Big Bang-er and that he even got an opportunity to dance like that with Miss Hyori. G-Dragon cuts their rendition off by performing his shitty rendition of “Only Look at Me pt. 2”. Let’s just say I liked Tae Yang’s performance better, shall we?

Then, we’ve got the mighty T.O.P belting out his signature finger gesture from Lies. Suddenly, the music stops. Hyori and T.O.P are just standing there, a good distance apart. As T.O.P nonchalantly makes his way to Hyori, I’m pretty sure the world had a gut feeling of what was going to happen next – The kiss. It was T.O.P’s last real attempt to prove he was not gay for G-Dragon, as implied with the skinship shown in their “Haru Haru” MV. Eat your hearts out, fans!

Not to be outdone, of course, Seungri attempts to shine with his slower, jazzed up version of “U-Go-Girl” (no, seriously). He was probably really happy to get some ass from Hyori throughout his solo! And DaeSung trotted his way to Hyori’s heart during his performance. But it doesn’t end there, ladies and gentlemen! The boys and Hyori end the stage with an explosive remix of Hyori’s “10 Minutes”.

If I weren’t so biased, I’d probably declare that the best show of the night! But since I’m such a fangirl, my hat goes off to the WonderDay collaboration that swept me off my feet! The Wonder Girls start their performance with a mini intro-movie thing. Chansung (of 2PM) is a shady character with a fruity ponytail with a letter that simply states “Secret Party.” Then we see the girls making themselves up for what we all would like to assume as the Secret Party. The background music for the video sounded like something fresh of a porno soundtrack. Anyway, as soon as Chansung enters the room where the Wonder Girls reside, he is startled to find no one there.


Cuz they’re all tango-ing it up at the MKMF’s! YeEun was with Chansung, SunMi was with Taek, Sunye was with Wooyoun, Sohee was with Nichkhun, and Yoobin was with Junsu. Actually, I really liked the Tango rendition. It sounded better there than it did in my head and the routine was quite hot. While the beginning was fairly routine and essentially boring, the girls started to break out of the lameness, and woo us over with individual moves of their own, using their 2PM boys as props. At first, I thought YeEun slipped and fell, but she just slid between his legs and showed some leg. Khun had Sohee seated like a princess on his knee. Junsu had Yoobin open wide, Taek threw Sunmi into the air (I could imagine that to be a fairly easy task. I mean look at her!) and Wooyoung and Sunye finished it off with a twirl.

It was 2PM’s time to shine! Doing their signature flips and break-dancing (proving to the Kpop world that they’re more than just your typical pretty boy group), they took control of the stage with one of their most striking routines yet! And if that’s not enough for you, ladies, Jay rips his shirt off and finishes the routine shirtless. Come on, you know you like it.

And just when we though that the Wonder Girls had played all the cards in their hand, they come back with Nobody, the DISCO version! Unexpected and pleasantly surprising, the girls controlled the stage with their ABBA/Mama Mia inspired rendition! I didn’t think they could speed the song up anymore than they already had, but I was mistaken! The dance moves were adorable as the girls performed with the help of their stage mics. YeEun hit that high note of hers without faltering and the girls break off to get the crowd even more pumped! That’s a grade A performance.

In all honesty now, I have to say, this year’s MKMF was really enjoyable and surprisingly fair! “Mnet” and “fair” are never used in the same sentence. Ever. I think, in addition to the performances, that is what shocked me the most. For the past years, MKMF always manages to garner some sort of controversy. However, this year, I think the people at Mnet will settle for a T.O.P & Hyori scandal instead. How lame. Moving on…

The awards! Were you shocked at all? Quite frankly, I was for certain categories. Honestly, like I’ve stated several times already, I was totally convinced that this was going to be an award show heavily dominated by the likes of DBSK and Big Bang. While, yes it was, no it wasn’t. Here’s the official list:

Newcomer (Male): SHINee – Noona is very pretty
Newcomer (Female): Davichi – Love you even though I hate you

Male group: Big Bang – Haru Haru
Female group: Wonder Girls – Nobody

Male singer: Seo Taiji – MOAI
Female singer: Lee Hyori – U-Go-Girl

Rock: Nell – 기억을 걷는 시간
Hip-Hop: Epik High – One
Ballad/ R&B: Brown Eyes – 가지마 가지마
Dance: Lee Hyori – U-Go-Girl
House/Electronic: Jewelry – One More Time

MV production: Wonder Girls – Nobody (Jang Jae Hyuk)
MV Director: Jang Jaehyuk – Nobody (Wonder Girls), Kiss (Park Jinyoung), 10점 만점에 10점 (2PM)
OST: Kim Dong Wook, SG Wannabe – 운명을 거슬러 (East of Eden)

Auction style: Dong Bang Shin Ki – Mirotic
Digital Song Award: Big Bang
Overseas Viewer Award: Dong Bang Shin Ki
Auction netizen award: Dong Bang Shin Ki
Mobile popularity award: Dong Bang Shin Ki

Song of the Year: Wonder Girls (Nobody)
Artist of the Year: Big Bang
Album of the Year: Dong Bang Shin Ki (Mirotic)
(credits: sheena0627)

You’ve got three of the biggest names in Kpop right now winning one Daesang each! Not one single group dominated the most prestigious awards in MKMF! Wonder Girls surprised me. I sincerely believed that the girls would go home with only one award tonight. But low and behold, they go home teary-eyed with 3 awards. DBSK and Big Bang go home with 5 and 3, respectively.

SM was probably really lonely that night, as only DBSK and SHINee were there to represent the company. SNSD had a last minute cancellation, The Grace are in Japan, Super Junior is off god-knows-where, and like I honestly care about where every other SM artist is. But hey, SM can smile with 6 awards. I don’t believe there were any losers for the night. The winners of the night deserved their awards fair and square and everyone went home a winner (if you’re sincere enough to appreciate just being there and not winning a single award). I can’t wait to see how Mnet outdoes this year’s award show next year!

Anyway, so in addition to watching the MKMF’s, I’m pretty happy to find my one article about Rain on Seoulbeats! And if that’s not enough, once I learn how to control myself, I think I’ll officially join the AllKpop writing team. Uh-oh! LOL I really need to stop writing so much XD

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  1. I have only seen 2 MKMF… this year was clearly better than last years’… Though Jyp’s perf from last year will always be my fav…I didn’t expect anything Mnet related to carry in fairness, but this was… The big surprise for me was JoKwon… I would’ve never expected such attitude from him… All the others performed just like I thought… From the mediocre to the amazing… TOP WHY?!?! LUCKY!!! Hyori unnie, don’t forget about Magic Stick!! hahah

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