Protege no more! I think it’s for real this time around, folks: Rain wants to be taken seriously! Ever since Rain left JYP on that fateful May of 2007, he’s had nothing but arguable success. He has starred in that Blockbuster meltdown, Speed Racer, and the soon-to-be-aired Assassin (or whatever). Let’s not forget those horrendous interviews, in English no less. But hey, you’ve got to hand it to the guy for trying even if it was an epic failure. Rain, I’d like to personally thank you for being the source of laughter for all Kpop watchers world-wide. We greatly appreciate you.

As soon as he got his booty back into Korea, I think he’s redeemed himself a bit. I mean, Rainism is pretty much working it’s way up the music charts (even if I think that song is absolutely terrible). At least Rain’s got his lovely Clouds giving him some love. Finally! Someone other than himself realizes the man has some sort of potential in the biz! Thank god for loyal fandoms. In addition to wagging his magic stick around and about, Rain is supposedly taking part in the production and debut of a new group sometime next year. His company, J.Tune Entertainment, so far has one female soloist, 5 guys, and 3 hip-hop ladies. All his trainees have been under his company’s management for at least a year Is there any wonder why people are already calling Rain mister “JYP Jr.?”

Actually, aside from the fact that Rain is much more attractive than JYP ever was, he’s not far from being a good second. I mean, he’s pretty crazy, his wardrobe choices are…interesting to say the least, and his performances are always enjoyable to watch. But do I think Rain has what it takes to be JYP 2.0? Of course not. I believe King Kong is one of a kind and a musical production genius like himself only comes around every other generation or so. I think it will be interesting to see what Rain plans on doing with his 3 groups of trainees, though. That boy group ought to be interesting. If Rain manages to make a solid boy group, I think I’ll start respecting him. With the likes of Big Bang and DBSK, he had better have some prodigious set of boys if he wants to keep up with them. That girl group will be interesting to watch as well. Future battle of the girl hip-hoppers with YG’s yet-to-debut girl group? Hopefully.

If Rain pulls through, and we all know he’s notorious for not, I just might change my mind and respect him. It’s a stretch, but I’m ready to be pleasantly surprised.

2 responses to “JYP Jr.

  1. LOL

    he can try to work it. From that one performance of his, when he work pink…yeah, he has no right to brag about his “magic stick.”

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