Hey America! Ready to Get Eaten Up?

Ready or not, here she comes! And she’s not only seeking for musical domination and world-wide respect, but she wants to eat you up! Yeah, I know that’s been used a hundred times. So sue me for lack of originality.

Anyway, in case you were wondering, BoA has had nothing but apparent success for attempts to break through the American industry. Remember her “Eat You Up” single? Of course you do. With a name like that, it’s hard to forget. But yes, all you doubters out there, BoA has managed to leave her mark on the American music charts! In case you were wondering, she’s number 49 on the MP3 Charts – Dance & DJ genre for Amazon.

I’m getting my TiVo ready to capture all the glorious BoA moments on all those TV station appearances! We already had a taste of her Engrish, but now it’s time to expose the rest of America to the awesomeness that is BoA! And as if having BoA go from station to station were not enough, Papa SM revealed that highlights from BoA’s Eat You Up MV (the Korean version) will be shown on large screens in the big apple as well as LA. If you happen to be on Broadway or WIlshire Boulevard between 7 AM to 10 PM every 2 minutes. Talk about overkill! The last thing you want to do is stretch it, papa SM. Oh, I forgot to mention that this will go on for the next three months. Have fun, all you New Yorkers & LA-ers.

Also, her title track does not appear to be “Eat You Up”, but rather “Look Who’s Talking.” Geez, who was the genius that came up with these names? The world is also rejoicing over the fact that the American version of the Eat You Up MV got trashed. Want to see the tragedy? I’m sure you already have.

They compilation of BoA at the beginning was just about the best part of the MV. The rest was crap. The beginning was like Gotham City meets BoA. Diane Martel is a not so secret anti-BoA fan.

Here’s the better one:

Actually, either MV does not save the fact that the song is absolutely horrid. The lyrics are just about the most intelligent thing to come out of some horny 14 year old boy’s wet dream. Just turn the volume off and enjoy the view. Welcome to America, BoA!

9 responses to “Hey America! Ready to Get Eaten Up?

  1. I actually like the song but yea I think It’s a bit too sexual, it not like you have to sing only about sex to be big here.

    Other than that I feel like the only way she’ll be popular in the US is because there’s alot of Asians here who are probably fans of hers or just want to see an Asians succeed in America.

    I mean why ruin a good thing? She’s big in Asia so why not just take a break and then make an amazing comeback?

  2. SM just announced that they’re using both videos, and that her first performance of her American debut single will be in… Tokyo o.o

    SM also announced that the video will played every 2 minutes in NY only, it will be playing non-stop in LA.

    God, people are going to be so sick of her :p

    Heh, and I just checked Amazon. She’s now at #228

    Hey! I love the lyrics 😀 *busts up laughing* Sorry, I couldn’t help myself. Nothing like hearing her say “Like I’ve become some kind of demon in the night
    You look so tasty I could eat you up alive” and then follow it up by saying “So yum yum.”
    My sister and I have come to the conclusion that she’s a succubus *nods*

  3. ^sorry if I sound ignorant, but where will it play every 2 minutes? youtube live? every 2minutes, so people will never see the end of it…? 2 minutes meaning it will go on a crazy loop? 2minutes as in it will never end…continuously? i confused … je je je

    BOA, please refrain to eat me up, thank u!

  4. @ delia – money money moneyyyyy! you also get “big” in america by complaining and whining through your music =D *cough*emofagsss*cough*

    @ breezy – I think she’s gonna need the luck

    @ nodame – ROFL! SUCCUBUS XDDDD Maybe we should introduce her to Incubus xP Bad joke…

    @ 453silence – I’m guessing you’re not into that crazy loop of eating boa up? I’ll join your bandwagon.

    @ johnny – BoA can eat me up all she’d like. I wouldn’t mind =D

  5. lyrics…sucks. especially the ‘so yum yum’…*shivers* scares me. i’m not an anti fan of BoA but i’m not a big fan either and as a neutral person of BoA, i’m saying this out of the truth, and because i live in the U.S.
    that song may get credit for the great dancing and beat, but the lyrics? americans are gonna go, ‘wtf is she talking about?’
    and having the MV on nonstop, that’s gonna get a lot of haters. who wants to see something over and over and over and over again? no one does. maybe once and a while but not always.

  6. Lol I agree with Jina
    I think like many other ppl
    Father SM *cough*cough*
    rushed his artists debut even
    though they’re not so ready
    and the MV is cheaply made..WTH

    I don’t care about BoA
    I don’t think she’s super amazing
    or anything and if I get bashed on
    for my opinion of her from her
    crazy fans….geesh talk about crazy

    who cares people’s opinions is theirs
    why try to bash on others when you don’t agree

    this world has come to an end.

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