What’s the Deal, DBSK?

Something’s going down in the Kpop world and it’s definitely got many people going “WTF?”. No, it’s not “Rainism”. In fact, it’s much more ground-breaking than that. If you’ve been avidly watching all those lovely Korean Music shows, I think you know what I’m talking about.

DBSK made their comeback on SBS Inkigayo on September 28, 2008.

The boys did fabulously, of course. It was a really polished performance, to say the least. But where was the love? What happened to you, Cass? You mean to say there was no ridiculous fangirling over the return of your boys after a 2 year-ish hiatus? For real? Say it ain’t so!

…Too late. Already did. I mean, just look at these performances and compare it to the one above.

You can barely even hear them perform with all that fangirling! You’ve eve got the girls singing right along with the boys. That’s what I’m used to hearing. So, what’s happened to you, Cass?

Music Bank October 3, 2008

The cheers are ridiculous at first, but the cheering quickly dies out after the music starts. Okay, maybe not ‘dies out’, but it’s definitely not like those other two up there. Something’s going down and no, it’s not that the Cass prefer “Japanese attentive listening” crap over fanchants. Puh-lease. And I prefer gay men over straight ones. Yeah, okay.

Something’s definitely not right. I mean, you’d think that with the whole “comeback of the gods”, Cass would be going crazy and voting like mad for their boys to reach the top spot of every chart in all of Asia. Or at the very least, scream their hearts out when they perform! They managed to get a mind blowing 300,000+ pre-orders for their 4th album (by the way, it might look like nothing to us here in the states, but 300,000 pre-orders in Korea is kind of a big deal). And surprise, surprise, the boys bagged their first win for Mirotic on Mnet’s M!Countdown just one week after their comeback.

But seriously, only Mnet? What about Inkigayo? Heck, why not Music Bank? Or Music Core? Lately, since their comeback, the Wonder Girls have been dominating those online charts like nobody’s (LOL) business. They quickly bagged “Song of the Month” soon after (which I still find ridiculously amazing since their comeback was so late in the month!) as well as won on Music Bank 2 consecutive weeks in a row against Big Bang and Brown Eyed Girls. Where was DBSK this week? Still in 4th place, just like last week.

What a huge contrast compared to Mnet! DBSK managed to get the top spot whereas the girls only got 7? And yet Mnet’s charts state otherwise.

Mnet Top 300

Mnet Top 100

Top 100 Albums

DBSK (and the Wonder Girls) failed to grab Take 7 as well. They lost to Hyori who had her goodbye stage that day. I love Hyori and all, but how’d she manage that? DBSK’s fanbase is a giant compared to Hyori’s. Did I miss the memo or something?

Well, probably. I’m not even a DBSK fan *shock shock*. However, I respect them enough for dealing with the likes of SM for years now. I respect Cass even more for remaining strong and loyal to their boys. But come on, ladies and gents, what the eff is going on?

If you’re not totally convinced about this, well, let me show you guys something.

For all you non-Korean speakers out there, that was JaeJoond asking, that’s right ASKING, his lovely Cass to cheer. Since when did DBSK have to ASK for CHEERS? And as if that wasn’t enough, on the official TVXQ/DBSK (gah whatever, you get it) website, SM had posted something along the lines of “How to cheer for Mirotic”. Uh…isn’t that the fanclub’s job to make up the cheer? I’m pretty sure the fans know it already and they don’t need to go on the friggin website to learn it.

Is SM pissing his pants right now? Well, he damn right should be. I think the man’s got another riff up his pants with the world power known as Cassiopeia. What a sad, sad life you must live, Papa SM. But what exactly did SM do to make them so angry? I mean, he did bring the boys back from Japan. What more could they want, right? Well obviously, wrong. Whatever the hell that man decided to do this time is once again beyond me, but I’m sitting here laughing at him. Har har har. Good luck with the rest of your life, SM. You’re definitely going to need a miracle to help you out of this one.

My love goes out to all the Cassiopeia out there ^__^ Even though I’m not one of you, you guys are still pretty fly.

UPDATE: So you know that Big Music Festa that was supposed to go on at 7 PM last night in Korea? Well, it got cancelled LAST MINUTE! First, SM pulls out ALL his artists (DBSK, SNSD, and SHINee) only 4 HOURS PRIOR to showtime. Then, as if they really had to, other companies followed suite and pulled out their artists as well and thus, Big Music Festa is no more. All those people that bought tickets WAY BACK IN AUGUST will be getting their money back, but what the heck? 4 hours? What’s going on with you, SM?

Look at the artist line-up for this festa:

  • DBSK
  • SNSD
  • SHINee
  • Wonder Girls
  • Big Bang
  • V.O.S.
  • Jewelry

Isn’t that just about the most beautiful line-up you’ve ever seen? So what went wrong?

The basic gist of what that’s saying up there is that SM was the first to pull out their artists, followed by JYP, then finally everyone else. Fans have flooded MBC’s fanboard, bewildered and obviously infuriated with such last minute and unprofessional cancellations.

The whole concert was for a good cause too, in addition to the celebration and whatnot. Was it poor ticket sales? Was it poor sponsorship? Was it lack of interest? Oh, it couldn’t possibly be lack of interest. Take a look at that list again. How could anyone not want to go to that? DBSK could be the only group to perform and you’d have sold out tickets for sure! That’s just a given! But now, doesn’t it make you just wonder?


10 responses to “What’s the Deal, DBSK?

  1. Im not sure about the whole big music fiesta thing but I heard tht Cassie is trying the new silent cheerin method, since after their first comeback on mnet, it was too loud. They said it was good for the atmosphere during the performance, but for those watching it on tv or internet, you couldn’t hear their voices n some found the screaming annoying. Supposedly, a cassie also asked DBSK if they wanted them to scream or silent cheer, n DBSK agreed to the silent cheering method cuz it’d be better for those watching it on tv/internet, etc.

  2. maybe theyre offended by that supposedly offensive message in mirotic… the one thats poking fun at cassies for being so under DBSK’s control? i dunnoooo… i think i read that sumwheres 🙂

  3. ^ OH MY GOD TIM!!!! WHERE’VE YOU BEEN?! YOU’RE ALIVE!!!!!!!!!!!


    @ Khan, then why did Jae Joong ask them to cheer? I’m not sure about DBSK or Cass in general, simply because I’m not a fan, but I just wanna know what’s the deal. I’m hearing different stories everywhere I go. I just want a straightforward answer, ya feel me? 😀

    But hey, to alleviate some weight off people’s shoulders, DBSK did manage to bag Take 7 last night =]


    Congrats Hyori on her last win…love that chick…

    Dbsk? at least the fans showed their dedication by clicking their little fingers away for M!Countdown…other than that “no comment”

  5. I’ve never been a DBSK fangirl LOL so quite frankly I dont care what happens.

    But, I don’t think Cass will let that happen O__o They seem incredibly persistent. Dare I say it…but, very Shinhwa Changjo-ish?…except more drastic in my eyes.

  6. hmm…you should check around more. Cass are doing the whole silent thing so that people can actually HEAR it while watching it too.
    (I heard that Cass saw DBSK’s japan fans are always quiet during their great performances and then cheer wildly for them afterwards, so that’s why Cass are doing it like that. and they’ve had complaints before about how loud they were during DBSK’s performances, so i guess they are just toning it down.)
    and the big music festa? it seems like there was no money to pay for the artists to show up so they left. that’s what i heard.

    and awww…i guess no DBSK big fans here? that sucks. cause I am one and I care about what happens to them. anyways, the reason Cass ain’t cheering cause it’s the reason above.

  7. Hi there jina ^__^ I only post what i hear so I guess im not a very legit source of information ahah. Oh well. But thanks for clearing up =D

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