FT Island Wants to Give You a Little Taste of Heaven

No, seriously! It’s the name for their new 20 minute MV to be released on October 13.

Badass meets basketball. Intense. Nothing beats street ball on a fire-bordered basketball court with 5 *from emo to badass* boys and a single love interest. Who else thinks that 20 minutes is not enough time for this?

Please tell me they aren’t wearing guyliner. If they are, well, they pull it off better than Big Bang and I’m not necessarily sure that’s a good thing. Seems like they’re stealing wardrobe ideas from the boys, too (ya know, back in those Haru Haru days). Oh geez. Hopefully the song is worth listening too because Lord knows I’m too ADD to sit still for 20 minutes. It was bad enough seeing the boys go emo in the rain with “After Love”. Don’t let me down ^__^

3 responses to “FT Island Wants to Give You a Little Taste of Heaven

  1. wow they way u phrase ur comment…ur mean n not mean at the same time lol~
    anyways is it seriously going to be 20 min long? cuz unless it’s really interesting i can’t sit for that long XD
    can’t wait~

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