Don’t Go With That Flow

I’ve never been a trendy person. The trendiest I’ve ever gotten was when I decided to listen to Kpop and sold my soul to the devil. Aside from that, I try to believe I’m an individual in a sea of Abercrombie/Hollister wearing, G-Unit head-bopping teenagers.

Yeah, right.

I can tell you guys that there is this one trend I’m sure as hell not stupid enough to follow. I’m sure if you’re like me and have nothing better to do than follow the meaningless market known as the Korean Entertainment Industry, then you must be aware of the string of suicides that have occurred within these past few months. Although I’m still pretty new to the biz, I guess it’s safe to assume that whoever the star may be, the suicide part is still enough information to generate enough buzz to make it seem like a big deal.

First we got Ahn Jae Hwan, who was found dead in his car just a month and a day ago (September 8). Then, just 7 days ago, actress Choi Jin Shil was found dead in her home. Then, the following day (October 3), trans-gender celeb Jang Jae Won had also committed suicide. And finally, 2 days ago gay actor and model, Kim Ji Hoo, followed suite.

This is one sick trend, folks. I don’t even need to tell you that for you to realize it. We all know that Korea’s got some of the highest suicide rates in the world among its celebrities and its everyday citizens, but this is just getting freaky. Within a month’s time, we’ve got 4 well established names in the industry dead as a result of suicide. I shudder to think “who’s next?” but with this slew of names going down the drain, you can’t help but wonder.

Doesn’t it frighten you that anyone’s head could be up next on that chopping board? I mean, I doubt this but, you know something? Kpop stars go through a lot of stress and although we are told not to take much criticism to heart or too personally, sometimes we just can’t help it. Kpop stars, although gods and goddesses in the eyes of the average netizen, are still human, too. They are just as likely as the next person to do something as simple as putting a gun next to their head and pulling that trigger (or come up with some other means). I know we can’t picture people as successful as anyone in Big Bang, DBSK, Super Junior, Wonder Girls, Brown Eyed Girls, Kara, Shinee etc. doing such a thing, but no one ever really knows.

Heck, I doubt Rain’s poor English skills can get him down enough to do such a thing.

Nevertheless, my condolences to the families and friends of these poor souls.

EDIT: My number count beat out yesterday’s viewer count again O__O Seriously, ladies and gents, you’re not doing anything to help my ego XD But once again, I thank you ^__^

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5 responses to “Don’t Go With That Flow

  1. thats cuz i have a crazy story to tell you… a real WTF moment… suicide is a freaking epidemic, its getting crazy..

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